3 Best SEO link building Techniques to boost your Site Ranking

In SEO, link building is one of the most important techniques used by many specialists in their campaigns to increase the volume and quality of visitors coming to their website. Though many have found this technique a pain, particularly because of all its tedious work, it does make up almost 70% of the total success rate in any SEO campaigns.

Link building involves a number of techniques, from link exchange to blogging. Some have become popular, while others have started to decline due to the changing algorithms of search engines, particularly by Google, as well as methods to decrease the effect of spamming, which caused a number of these techniques to become ineffective. Here are some link building techniques used in today’s market.

SEO link building Techniques to boost your Site Ranking

Top 3 best SEO link building Techniques

Here are the perfect ways to build links and boost site rank. 

#1) Blogging 

Blogging is one way to get links from. Managing your own blog and allowing people to comment on it and grow allows your website to get more organic or natural links. Organic links are those types of links which naturally grows over time.

This is mostly due to the content in your blog in which many people would likely link to, normally because of its uniqueness or because of its intriguing facts. This link building technique is mostly known in the industry as link baiting.

#2) Blog comments

One of the most widely used forms of technique in link building, it involves living links in blogs through its comments. However, many SEO Philippines experts have said that the use of blog comments in link building has steadily declined due to the use of nofollow tag which rendered every links in their comments ineffective to most search engines, particularly with major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

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#3) Forum signature

Using forum signatures to create links is also popular among many of those that loves to engage in forum discussions. Their signatures in forums are one way to create one-way links to their websites, however, this has also become ineffective particularly because many forums today doesn’t allow their signatures to be used as marketing tools for their websites.

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