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When traveling anywhere, one of the most important questions that you must answer is where you will be parking while on your trip. The most visited cities in the United States are New York City which is in the state of New York, Miami which is in the state of Florida, Los Angeles which is in the state of California, and Orlando which is in the state of Florida, and San Francisco which is in the state of California. New York City is the most

visited city in the United States, with roughly 10 million people visiting the Big Apple each year. The city of Miami boasts a large number of visitors as well, with roughly 5 million people visiting the city each year. The cities of Los Angeles and Orlando are very popular as well, with Los Angeles attracting more than 4 million people per year and Orlando attracting around 4 million people per year as well.

San Francisco is another city that must be mentioned as well, with roughly 3 million people visiting the city each year. With that being said, let’s find out the best parking available in the highly popular cities in order to relieve the stress that comes with finding a good parking spot.

New York City

While it may not be hard to find a parking garage or lot to park in when in New York City, these options, while convenient, are some of the most expensive options in the city. On top of this, when coming into Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens, be prepared to pay a toll on top of your already hefty parking fee. When looking for cheap parking, you will most likely have to compromise on the convenience factor, however, there is an option that will guarantee you a more affordable parking spot without completely compromising your time.

The best option when looking for a balance of affordability and convenience when looking for parking in New York City would have to be parking across the river in New Jersey. The wonderful thing about this spot is that New Jersey parking rates are a lot lower than that of New York City’s and you also avoid paying the toll to enter Manhattan.

You can find parking near the PATH subway and take that to Manhattan for only $2.75. This trip will only take you about 10 to 15 minutes to get to Manhattan and you find yourself with an affordable option while also not having to worry about sacrificing too much of your time.


When looking for parking in Miami, there are plenty of options, however, Miami is not known for its cheap parking. While this may be the case, there are some options that will provide you with a balance of convenience and affordability.

When looking for the best all-around parking in terms of affordability and convenience, a great place for parking is parking in a less busy part of Miami beach. You will have access to the city’s parking meters, which typically charge about $1.00 per hour as well as parking garages that offer around the same rates. This will give you a rather convenient and affordable parking option that certainly beats the expensive private lots that you will find in busier areas of Miami.

Los Angeles

When in the city of Los Angeles, it is usually recommended that you opt for a rental car in order to properly explore all of the attractions that the city of Los Angeles has to offer.

Your first instinct may be to park at a hotel, however, these rates are usually very expensive, and sometimes even $45.00 per day! Lucky for you, there are some relatively affordable and convenient options available that beat most parking rates in Los Angeles.

You will probably find yourself in downtown Los Angeles, and a wonderful option when searching for convenient and affordable airport parking when in the city of Downtown Los Angeles parking is On Air Parking. There are plenty of spaces that this parking offers and the daily parking rate there is usually less than $5.00 per day. There is also decent parking rates at the Santa Monica pier. When parking at the Santa Monica pier, expect parking rates that are also less than $20.00 per day.


When looking for parking in Orlando, you will find that there are plenty of options, however, being that the city is very busy, most rates are expensive. However, in the heart of downtown Orlando, there is an excellent option that is not only affordable but also convenient for you.

This lovely parking spot is located at the Bank of America Plaza Garage. This parking garage is a very convenient option and the parking rates go for $8.00 per day. This lovely parking option is located at West South Street and is across the street from the Grand Bohemian Hotel.

San Francisco

When the city of San Francisco comes to mind, the word cheap does not. The city of San Francisco is notoriously known for being a very expensive city to live in. When Parking in the city of San Francisco, a good tip is to be very conscientious on where you park and how long you park for, as parking tickets in the city of San Francisco are of course, very expensive.

With this in mind, parking in the city of San Francisco can be cheaper or more expensive depending on where you decide to park. The city of San Francisco adjusts its parking meter’s rates depending on how busy the area is. However, parking at the city’s parking meters, when it’s not too busy, offers the cheapest rates available, with non busy rates being as low as $1.00 per hour. The city of San Francisco makes these

adjustments in order to spread out parking so that drivers will look for more affordable parking in different parts of the city to make things less crowded.

As you can see, when looking for affordable and convenient parking in the most popular cities in the United States, it is definitely possible. It does not hurt to book your parking in advance as long as the parking lots accept reservations. Whether you book your parking in advance or not, there are options that should suit your budget and time when parking in any of these busy cities.

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