Best Online Business Courses for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you have successfully identified a current, or potential human need; and you have acted on it- by creating a solution through your business. However, being an entrepreneur entails more than bringing an idea to life.

Entrepreneurship involves skipping a myriad of hurdles; most of which would come in the form of crucial business decisions. Years ago, your best bet would be to consult a mentor, or better still- enroll in local business colleges. Now, things have changed. Online business classes provide you with the much-needed information that would facilitate better decision-making- anywhere, anytime.

Better still, the best online business courses would ramp up your business growth; accelerating it to levels you never imagined. And if I were you, I would hire someone to take my class for me and use my time to learn real skills! Here are some of these courses:

How to build your how business

For anyone new to the business of entrepreneurship, knowing your way around the business world might seem quite overwhelming. Actually, it is. 

This specialized course on Coursera developed by Michigan University is simple, yet comprehensive enough to inculcate an entrepreneurship mindset in you. It does so by including training on business idea generation, creating a good business plan, building a solid business structure and launching your business successfully.  

Again, this course teaches you how to create a replicable business with complimentary financial projections, while giving you an insight into the creation of financial documents and a hiring plan. It is the perfect recipe for business planning. 

Finance and Accounting for small businesses and entrepreneurs

Making a profit is just about getting some thousands of loyal customers- although it is a significant subset, still- you must master the act of finance management. If you do not learn how to become accountable for every dollar you earn, you end up squandering your potential capital for business enlargement.

For new business owners who wish to expand their knowledge about managing their finances properly, this course hits the nail on the head; diving deep into the oceans of accounting for labor and inventory costs, financial statements, and business valuation. 

With just $11.99, this super-cool course on Udemy is yours to have! You can also check for a degree in finance if you are interested in some serious education.

Social Media Superhero 

The social media holds quite an amazing number of potential customers for your business. You need to learn how to tap into this current and direct it towards your business’ expansion

With just $37, entrepreneurs looking to boost their online presence without necessarily spending the clock on the net, have access to this online course by Melyssa Griffin. 

The course, itself, contains a 60-minute video material guide, a 30-minute Q and A section, and a written book- all targeted at simplifying the concepts of social media marketing. 

Introduction to Human Resource Management 

Irrespective of how large your business is, you would be a leader. A leader must know how to take charge of the human resource of his team. If your company doesn’t have an HR department, the bulk of the work falls on you. 

However, it doesn’t take a gifted person to successfully manage human resources. Udemy courses like this, help shape your knowledge about human resource management, including hiring and retention strategies. 

What’s more, is that the course is free!

Effective Business Writing 

As an entrepreneur, oftentimes, you would need to write memos, letters or proposals for your business. If you think you need to brush up your writing skills, this effective business writing course on edX would be your guide.

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