Best iOS and Android Features That Are Distinctly Their Own

Which is better, Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android? The discussion on this goes way back and anyone can say his or her piece which of the two is better, but really, no one can actually tell which is better than the other. Android and iOS are different operating systems altogether but work similarly. Both iOS and Android systems have similar and distinct features that users may love, hate, or find lacking. Both also have a handful tips and tricks that make an incredible difference to user experience.

But which should be best for you? There’s only one way to find out. Aside from their different in user interaction and the aesthetics that Apple and Android offer to consumers, here are the different and distinct features you won’t ever find from the other.

Android Best Features

To many of its users, Android gives Apple a run for the money. Aside from the big difference in cost, Android has created features that have truly captured the hearts of consumers and increases as time goes by. Here are the distinct Android features consumers love.

1. Freedom to customize

From top to bottom, Android is very much customizable, allowing users to have to freedom to personalize their tablets and smartphone according to their liking and lifestyle. On the system itself, customization is not limited to being able to change the wallpapers in both lock and home screens but on the icons themselves as well and even so much more. There are also apps available in the Play Store that offer more customization choices.

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2. Home Launcher

You’d know how much consumers appreciate this Android feature by just looking through the numerous apps available for free or purchase at the Play Store. The design choices are countless, from wallpapers to messaging, and users are not given limit as to how many times they can change their launchers – they can do that as long as their space permits. Moreover, launchers do not just come handy for beautification purposes. Third-party launchers allow handy shortcuts, gestures, and widgets that cut them from their competitors.

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3. Lock Screen

Personalization is also possible on the lock screens if Android devices, much to the delight of many of its users. From themes to security options, third-party apps offer consumers a wide variety of options to pick from.

4. Battery and storage

Removable battery and storage are actually dependent on the brand and model of the device but it made its way to the list simply because the Android operating system allows user to do this, if their devices are capable. Being able to remove the battery and storage allow consumers to extend device usage once the battery is drained. They can simply swap it with another one, which is very much convenient when you are out and have no way to charge. Removable storage is also great in expanding the device’s memory and having no qualms if the space becomes almost full, it’s simply swappable. With iOS, you can only use what your device has for you.

5. Breezy file transfer

Android makes file transferring so much more convenient and easier for its users. It can be done via Bluetooth or other third-party applications, unlike iOS that can only connect with the same iOS devices and file transfer is only achieved via iTunes.. This feature is truly convenient especially when the people around you are dominantly Android users.

iOS Best Features

Apple devices are so much more expensive than many Android-running devices, and yet, people still flock at Apple Stores to own the newest Apple offerings in the market. Additionally, there are still plenty of people who would never swap their iOS device for any Android equivalent. Let’s find out some of Apple’s newest iOS 11 the distinct features that make it stand out from its fierce Android competition.

1. Control Center

In the previous iOS, control in the Control Center had been very limited. This time, however, the Control Center has taken a massive overhaul. Users can now customize it and add in toggles, according to their preference. It also comes with the 3D touch support that gives more options to users. There are also newly added features like Screen Recording which is on the Control Center.

2. Brand-new storage features

It is not just the Control Center that has undergone a massive overhaul. There are also distinct changes found in the Storage Settings. It gives the users the options to either Offload (it’s like deleting the App to save storage space but all the saved data are safe and will be safely be put into place once the app is reinstalled) or permanently Delete an app. This feature is very much handy for iOS devices running on 16GB.

3. Quality assurance

There are tons more improvements in the new iOS 11 that make Apple devices even more appealing to the consumer, but what makes Apple stand out is its software and hardware integration. Apple does not just manufacture the software of its devices, but also the hardware. Everything, from the inside out of an Apple device, Apple made it. Users are assured of the quality of the devices they get from Apple. Whereas for Android, its platform has to be made generic to accommodate the different specs and features of the brands and models that will be carrying the system.

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