5 Best Gastronomy Travel Tours in 2023

Our planet is big and beautiful, so naturally, we have a lot of travel destinations to offer, each with its unique service of attractions. This time, we’re focusing on cities that not only have plenty of architectural, historical, entertainment and natural beauty attractions but also amazing food scene. The following spots will be a treat for your palate in 2023: 

Porto, Portugal

Paris, Barcelona and Rome might be Europe’s food capitals, but the scene is changing and people are interested in broadening their tastes. Therefore, we present Porto, the second largest city in Portugal. Portuenses love their food to be simple, tasty and straight-forward—no fusion, just highest-quality ingredients and traditional preparation. If you want to book a tour, Taste Porto is a good choice because you’ll not only get to try great food, but also see people who make it, serve it and supply it. 

Photo by Maria das Dores from Pexels

Berlin, Germany

Some people think that Berlin is pretentious, but that’s not bad when it comes to food. If you’re looking for a city that’s not scared to be creative and experimental with its culinary offer, Berlin will serve you well. You can freely just explore on your own and grab small bites from random places in the city. This is your finest chance to try European street food, especially if you visit during any street festival. But if you want a more guided experience, Berlin Food Stories is a tour that will leave you stunned and full. It starts off at Markthalle Neun, a new food hall full of everything from Turkish specialties of diaspora to Berliner classic dishes. When it comes to local foods, veal meatballs in cream sauce as well as pickled ham hock are a must-try. 

Miami, Florida, USA

When you think about Miami, the first things you might picture are amazing beaches, palms and wild nightlife. But it turns out, people need to fuel up for all that beach and nightclub raging with great food. Miami is truly a melting pot of cultures and nations, so you can find something from every part of the world. Latin American cooking is especially going strong, so you can enjoy some of the best street food in the USA. In Little Havana, you can have the best Cuban sandwiches in town. You also must try tongue tacos if you can dig them up (they are a well-kept secret). Miami also has Michelin-star restaurants to go around, but if you’re stuck somewhere in between casual and fine dining, it’s imperative you find the best seafood restaurant in Coconut Grove and enjoy chill yet elevated dining. The seafood is super fresh and the beautiful seafront seating only adds to the coastal vibe. 

Photo by Alex Favali

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

Here’s a completely unexpected entry on this list—Wilmington, North Carolina. This seaside town on the coast is having a sort of food rebirth and is quickly raising a lot of dust in the foodie circles. The Wilmington restaurants are sweeping the competition and the attention of the culinary scene, and award-winning chefs are looking forward to cooking in this small town. Wilmington offers you a chance to try some of the best edible creations for a lower price. For instance, seafood is extra fresh and delicious in North Carolina, so try visiting Catch for a culinary treat. This restaurant is run by Top Chef Keith Rhodes, so you know it’s going to be something else. 

Meat lovers (and whiskey lovers) simply have to make reservations for True Blue Butcher and Barrel—a whiskey bar, restaurant and butcher shop working together to offer unique upscale dining to guests. Oh, you’re vegan? Why didn’t you say so! The Green House uses veggies produced in their own garden while Dreamer’s Welcome Inn offers a unique 100%-vegan bed and breakfast experience! 

Shanghai, China

China is the capital of flavors, spices and exotic tastes, so wherever you go, you’ll find something to tickle your fancy and become your new favorite meal. If you want to opt for just one food tour, visit Shanghai and book your Untour street eats breakfast tour. This tour is unique because it focuses on breakfast foods. First you’ll try youtiao donuts with fresh soy milk and rice balls. Next, you’ll sample pancakes, steamed buns and dumplings from tiny eateries. You will also get to try finest dumplings, freshly-pulled noodles, and much more—this will truly be the breakfast of champions. 

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There you have it, hungry traveler, some of the top world destinations and foodie tours to visit in 2023 to fill your belly, quench your thirst and have tons of travel adventures. 

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