Game engine no coding – Best Game engine for non-programmers

If you have a desire to build your own game for PC, Android, Ipad and various other devices. So here we are telling about a perfect game engine for the perfect beginners. Who can make their beautiful games without any programming knowledge. We are talking about Construct 2. Which just needs your logic to make a good and adorable game without any programming involved, so it’s a Game engine no coding technique.

Construct 2 – Game engine no coding required

Construct 2 is a powerful game engine. It can be used to make 2D games. If you want to enter into the field of game development then the best game engine with which you must start is Construct 2.
The documentation of Construct 2 is very simple to understand. In Construct 2 there is no coding required to build the game. You have to just apply the logic using event based system.

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All of you must have played the “Flappy Bird” game on your smart phones. You can make games like flappy bird using construct 2 in just three or four hours. Platform games are easy to make. I myself made a game on construct 2.

Game engine no coding

The best thing about construct 2 is that you can publish your game free of cost on Scirra arcade website (construct 2 website).

So any desired person can make his own games in hours with the construct 2 game engine. It gives many options to fully customize your game with many other tools you need in your game. And Just before I mentioned “Game engine no coding”.

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Construct 2 comes in two version. Free and paid version. Free version has some restriction but is good for beginners and testers you can upgrade when needed. You can download construct 2 from here. https://www.scirra.com/construct2

If you know some Programming then you can try C++ game engines.

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