Best Examples of How Brands Use Instagram Stories (Infographic)

We are all aware of the impact that the right marketing strategy at the right time can have on the success of a business. Nowadays, companies decide to do most of their advertising on social media platforms. With such a huge number of people using them, it is no wonder why.

Two years ago, a feature called Instagram Stories was released by the social networking giant Instagram. Marketers quickly realized its advertising potential and started using it as a perfect way to bring brands closer to the customers.

Today, more than 33% of Instagram Stories are created by businesses. The fact that 20% of them result in direct interaction with the users is another reason why every company should consider using it.

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Let’s take a look at several clothing retailers who can serve as illustrative examples of how Instagram Stories can be used as a means of marketing.

  • Australian clothing retailer Country Road used Stories to promote Capsule, reach a larger audience, and increase its return from ad spending. The campaign led to 409,000 reach, 83,000 3-second video views, and 18 times return on ad spending for average website purchase. 
  • British online fashion retailer Asos used videos in its Stories to increase brand awareness and engagement in the USA and UK. This resulted in a 3-point increase in brand awareness and a 14-point increase in ad recall. 
  • American fashion retailer Nordstrom Rack uses professional photos in its Stories to show shoppers how the clothes look in action. 
  • We have another American clothing and accessories retailer on the list. Gap is tapping into Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories to incorporate native elements, such as pinning and drawing tools, and use the additional space to highlight more of its campaign. 

Take a look at the infographic below to see many examples of how brands from other industries use Instagram Stories to advertise their products and services.

How Brands Use Instagram Stories (Infographic)

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