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Best Audio Editing Apps you must know

In the Digital Age that we are living in today, there are many tech advancements and innovative devices that we can use. We have access to all sorts of things through the internet, like podcasts and videos. To make these types of recording, you will need the right equipment and apps, one of which is your audio editing app. You must find the best and most suited one for you to put out great content. 

Importance of Audio Quality

Many beginners focus on ensuring the quality of the video and often neglect providing good audio for videos or films. They believe that their video would turn out great as long as they get the visuals right. However, what they don’t know is that the audio is just as important as the visuals. Even if the video part has some flaws, clear sound, which editors can edit through apps, can save the overall quality of the whole film.

A lot of studies have proven that if a film has a low-quality audio component, people or viewers usually react negatively to the video. With this, you can say that if you want your video to be a success and well-received, you will need to pay a little more attention to the audio. You have to edit it well to fit your film as a whole.

For other productions, like podcasts, it is much more critical. You will want your listeners to understand all the information you will talk about clearly. They will not be able to understand the message you are trying to convey if you do not give them a clear audio quality. Try focusing more on the quality of your audio rather than only considering the content of your podcast.

How to Choose a Great Audio Editor?

To know if an audio editing app is a good one to use, you need to check if they focus only on audio editing. There are a lot of apps that may include audio editing features but may focus more on other kinds of production. 

You have to see if the editor has all the necessary and essential controls. You need to be able to record from a microphone, choose audio in a waveform, to copy and paste audio components, and of course, to delete. 

An excellent audio editing app with more complex features may be a superb choice for more experienced editors but would be too complicated for beginners. Make sure that the editor that you select fits your expertise and capability. Other than that, you have to ensure that the app that you choose can provide the quality that your project will require. Sometimes, more complex projects will need a multi-track editor. 

5 Best Audio Editing Software

1. Adobe Audition CC

This software is the best audio editor but maybe a bit pricey compared to others. It is continuously updated annually with more features. You can use Adobe Audition CC for projects that require either a single-track audio editor or a multi-track editor. This software has excellent restoration tools that allow you to remove the undesired noise in your recording. It has a noise reduction feature, which can always detect the unwanted sounds in the track, and automatically fixes it for you. Adobe Audition CC may be the premium choice for you.

2. Audacity

If you are on a budget for your project, this would be the best one for you. It is free and easy to use. This software provides a great selection of audio editing and repair tools. Though this is free, you can only access and use some of its features if you pay a certain amount. You won’t be able to record multiple audio tracks on Audacity, but it will suffice for small and simple projects. And to reiterate, you can use the fundamental tools for free!

3. Acoustica Standard Edition

Beginners will love this software. It is user-friendly and very affordable. With Acoustica, you can do both single-track editing and multi-track mixing. You have access to primary effects such as a limiter, an equalizer, and restoration tools to remove undesired sounds in the recordings. Visually, you won’t get overwhelmed with all the available features and options you can use. If you want to gain access to their more complex functions, they provide the premium choice for professionals.

4. Ocenaudio

This software is another free audio editor that you can use. If you need to do fast and straightforward edits, Ocenaudio is the best choice for you. It has a clean interface, which is much better than the clunky interface of Audacity. This editor includes numerous effects and support for VST plugins. You can use the noise reduction function, filters, 31-band equalizer, and time and pitch adjustment. It is best for editing large files without affecting the performance. The downside is that you cannot do multi-track mixing with this app. 

5. Hinderburg Journalist

If you are a journalist or a podcaster, you can select this software. It is a multi-track audio editor that is specifically for professionals that deal with the spoken word. An excellent added feature on Hinderburg Journalist is its ability to adjust the volume according to modern standards automatically. There is also built-in automated equalizer to enhance the voice tracks. This feature is most beneficial to people who publish their recordings to provide relevant content. 

Tips to Provide Superior Quality Audio

  1. For video productions, it will be best if you do voice-overs for parts that you need to shoot outdoors. In these locations, there are too many possible disruptors, like the wind and noise from other people.
  2. You should record audio tracks in a specific studio. Your studio room needs to be small with carpets and wall treatments to avoid echoing. 
  3. Make sure you have all the equipment you need to record high-quality audio components. All the gadgets and devices that you use should be premium choices. For more professional projects, it is best to use external microphones. 
  4. When recording, try to get close to the microphone physically. This method prevents any unnecessary background noise from being recorded. 

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