Beginner’s Guide On How To Upload And Download Photos From Flickr

Looking for free photos for your next project or meeting presentation, but you don’t know where to get royalty-free photos online? Worry no more, because Flickr will save you from your photo dilemma needs. 

Flickr is an online free photo-sharing website that offers millions of free photos for users worldwide. Instead of paying for photos on other photo websites, Flickr offers free photos that anyone can grab. However, there are terms and limitations in downloading photos from Flickr, and we will discuss all of that in this article.

Downloading and uploading photos on Flickr is very easy. If you want to learn more about Flickr, how to download and upload photo content on the website, and what to keep in mind when using Flickr, this article will serve as a guide for Flickr beginners. 

Is Downloading Photos From Flickr legal?

Flickr downloader is always open to the public. However, despite being a free photo-sharing website, it also has limitations for users. One limitation is a user can only download a photo if the photographer or uploader of the content permits other users to download their photos. 

A photographer or uploader can customize their photo settings as private. To do so, they should access “You” and access “Organize.” Next, go to “Permissions,” and you can see a “Hide/Show” option for public searches. When you hide it, other users will not be seen, and they will not be able to download the restricted photo.

How to Download Flickr Photos

Now that you know there are restricted photos, you can now download photos that are permission-free. It’s easy to download a photo from Flickr. Type in the keyword of the photo that you want to download and browse through the results. 

Once you have seen the photo you wanted to download, click the download icon, which can be seen at the lower-right side of the page. Select the size of the photo and then wait for the download to be fully completed. 

Can I Download More Than One Photo At Once?

Flickr also allows multiple photo downloads. You need to register on the website to be able to download more than one photo simultaneously. Also, make sure the photos that you are about to download are permitted by the photographer to avoid illegal cases.

When you download multiple photos, Flickr will make a .zip file that will be sent directly to your email. Once the link is sent to your FlickrMail or your registered email, you can now download the .zip file immediately.

Can I Download All Flickr Content?

If you want to save all your Flickr content in your external hard drive or laptop, it is possible now. Since technology is a bit high-end and more advanced compared in the past, Flickr is now simpler and easier to use. 

If you want to download all your Flickr content, all you need to do is go to the top-right corner of the page where your profile photo is located. Go to Settings and click “Your Flickr Data.” Once accessed, click “Request My Flickr Data,” and .zip files will be created immediately. The link will be sent to your email for download. 

How To Upload Photos On Flickr

There are tons of beginner and professional photographers that are on Flickr. Considering that the website has over 75 million registered users, imagine how many photos the site holds. If you plan to upload a photo on Flickr, you need to register on the website first. 

When uploading photos on Flickr, you don’t need to install a software or extension for you to do so. Uploading a photo on the website is easy. First, you need to go to the top right corner of the page and click the upload icon. 

Next, click the photos you want to upload from your computer and click Open. You can then add some captions, descriptions, tags, people, albums, and more in your photo upload. Next, you have to double-check the privacy, content, and photo licensing filters. Once that is done, click upload. 


Flickr is a handy website to place your amazing and brilliant photos and share them with the world. You can also help other users in their photo needs if you permit them to download your photos. Flickr is more than just a photo-sharing website; it is a community of people who love to take photos and share them with other people. 

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