Basic Tips To Stop Phishing Emails Before They Get Dangerous

Basic Tips To Stop Phishing Emails Before They Get Dangerous

As we all already know, phishing is a trick or technique which gets confidential information(bank, credit or debit card details, etc) from the user by making the user trust that this -mail is from a reputed bank or company.

Phishing Email is one of the most severe dangers if one has fallen prey to it. These are still in existence from the start of the Internet as they have given cyber criminals enough profit and also are successful at a good rate. As a Fact, a report from Statista states that some 281.1 e-mails are estimated to be sent around the world every day. And out of that, more than half is spam, they just open up to phishing and malware attacks.

To help companies understand phishing and how it works actually, to avoid falling prey to it and to stop phishing we have requested few of the security experts to share their views over it. So here are some tips on how to stop phishing emails and how businesses can prevent them:

1. Crosscheck before clicking

Clicking on links or tabs when you are on a trusted Email or website it perfectly alright. Links attached to an e-mail or an SMS is what you are unsure of where it is got to take you. Following those links without thinking is not going to be proved as a smart move. These links are going to redirect you to some page which will appear as legitimate but they are just spam. It is just going to ask you to fill your personal information and where this data is going to be saved and for what purpose it is used actually is what you are not aware of.

2. Beware of Pop-Ups

Pop-Ups that always occur on the website and tend to be a legitimate company or trustworthy link are not always the way they seem to be.  Many browsers also ask the users to block the pop-ups as they may not be safe. Even though the cancel button or close button in the pop-up will also lead to some unsafe links.

3. Be updated about phishing-

To stop phishing emails one should be aware and updated about it. The World of technology is growing and updating every day not only for good cause but also for the negative things, new techniques are getting created every day. To keep himself safe, one must keep himself updated. Comodo can be helpful for you to avoid phishing scams.

4. Do not share personal information-

As an internet user, you should never give out your personal information anywhere. To be very specific the information which is sensitive about your financial and personal details. Remember a secured website’s URL always starts with “https”. To stop phishing scams from being successful, we must be very careful in sharing our personal information.

5. Anti-Phishing Toolbar-

This toolbar just scans and matches the site you are visiting with the list of saved phishing websites, if it matched then the toolbar warns you about the same and keeps you secure.

6. Browser security– 

An updated browser will always keep you safe and secure. Time to time security patches is being launched for all the browsers to keep away the phishers and other loopholes to exploit.  

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