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Baby sleep in a few simple steps

No hope to sleep?

When your new baby arrives, you are in heaven. Then, after a few days, you begin to realize that sleeping again will be a difficult task, as it requires your help and assistance every hour of the day and night.

You quickly feel discomfort, and after a while, you begin to think that you will no longer fall asleep. Your baby sleep in a few simple steps.

Follow the rhythm

The basic strategy is to try to rest and sleep whenever you can. Your baby take some time to adjust to the new day and night rhythm. You will live with this discomfort from a few weeks to several months.

As you can imagine, you cannot fight against this. This would consume your resources, and you would be exhausted in a few weeks. You must rather keep up. It will take time, and his need for your help will be high throughout this time.

1) You will not be able to sleep all night until she does.

2) You must use his sleep time to satisfy your needs.

Exploit the breaks to sleep

So, until she can sleep through the night, you should try to sleep when she does.

Of course, you will be tempted to do all kinds of things and household chores (laundry? Clean the house?), But understand that you are the most important resource for your baby and that your duty is to be efficient in his care. Trying to do everything is impossible, and you will be exhausted in a few days.

Develop a personal routine

In order to keep pace and take advantage of sleep breaks, you will need support that will keep you focused and really take advantage of sleep breaks. What kind of support?

Mattress in a box: Best memory foam mattress in a box

Do you buy a new mattress for your home? If you are, then you are definitely going to want to choose the best one. Mattress in a box: Best memory foam mattress in a box today, there are a lot of people who decide to go with a memory foam mattress because they don’t like the mattresses that come with the steel coils.

The memory foam mattress is best

When it comes to select which mattress is right for you when you visit a mattress store, it can take a little work. However, you must first decide your budget for the purchase. Quality is important, but you also want to respect your budget. The best quality mattresses will cost you a little more, but in many cases, they are worth what you pay for. You can go with an inexpensive memory foam mattress, but remember that you often get what you pay for.

Another option to select is the thickness of your mattress. The heavier and thicker the cushion, the better the mattress you will get. Go for at least a 5-inch thickness, although you can buy them up to 14 inches thick. In addition, the density of the mattress is important and corresponds to the support you need for your mattress. The high density of the mattresses, the more support you will get from it will be important.

Try them before buying them is also an excellent choice. 

Holiday Intervention: Why Does Stress Cause Vivid Dreams?

Vivid Dreams, like other dreams, occur most often during stress sleep (although we dream throughout the sleep cycle). Unlike other dreams, however, nightmares usually wake up dreamers.

If you do not wake up, is it still a nightmare? Finally, not technically. You could just call it a bad dream.

Why Does Stress Causes Vivid Dreams? These are the following symptoms:

a feeling of fear or fear of the dream that can stay with you for hours or even days

Physical paralysis, called atonia, which means paradoxical sleep (as opposed to the usual physical excitement in night terrors), but perhaps with more eye movements than usual and pulse and breathing rates slightly high.

The ability to remember all or part of a scary dream story.

The dreamer is usually threatened or hurt in one way or another

Recognition of personal dream themes, or a repetition of the dream itself for months, years, even decades.

The main feature of vivid dreams is that it is scary. It is often long, meticulously detailed, and among the easiest of our dreams to remember. Vivid dreams are not considered a sleep disorder, just like night terrors, unless they become recurring nightmares. The frequent occurrence of nightmares becomes a disorder when it alters social, professional, and other important areas. 

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