Are You a TBI Victim? Read This Guide to Know Your Rights

Traumatic Brain Injuries are common and may take a lot of time to recover. Since these injuries are painful and life-changing, you should know a few things, as your life will be different from what it was before. As a TBI victim, especially in Chicago, you would have certain rights which you should know to make your life easier and more manageable.

Right to Employment

If you are a victim of TBI, you have the right to employment in any public or private organization as long as that company has over 15 employees. There is no need to disclose your injury during or after the interview according to the laws of the US. If you need any assistance, as long as it is in the direct domain of the business, such as equipment to record notes and other such tools should be provided without you having to disclose your injury.  

Right to Education

You can take any education in a public or private institute protected by the American Disabilities Act under articles 2 and 3. You would have the right to admission, courses, and even modification to assist in learning. In addition, the law protects TDI victims so that they can become a regular part of the community and lead a normal life, hoping to recover from the injury. If any institute does not offer admission or equal opportunities, a good lawyer will help you get the rightful opportunities you deserve. 

Right to Transportation

The ADA ensures transportation and benefits to any person suffering from temporary and permanent disabilities. The public transport should be accessible by wheelchair, and the stops are long enough to ensure you are seated at the rightful place. Even the announcements must be clear enough that anyone suffering from TBI does not miss out on any vital information or stops. Claims can be made if these facilities are missing, and it becomes the government’s responsibility to ensure that a TDI victim’s rights are met.  

State & Local Government Services

You would have the right to access state or local government services such as the police station, fire station, courts, and other institutes. All these buildings, under ADA, should be designed disability-friendly so that the victims do not have to face any difficulties when they visit. Public servants treat a TBI victim under special care. In most cases, designated ADA supervisors and representatives are placed in all government buildings to ensure smooth operations and a friendly environment. 


The US laws provide a lot of rights and protection to TDI victims, but the problem remains that the people do not know their rights. Moreover, since they already suffer from a painful accident and injury, the victims tend to maintain a low profile and compromise with adversity. The need for legal counsel in these matters is quite high because they know how to provide you with the necessary legal information. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consult an excellent TDI lawyer, who would guide you about the rights and tell you the areas where the law explicitly protects people with such disabilities. 

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