Are custom essay writing services legal?

Why Custom Essay Writing is Legal

Many students from all over the world contact online companies to find professional writers for their essays, dissertations, and research papers. The professional writers have found a brilliant business opportunity in this since most students from high school to college use these services to get better grades. Nevertheless, the custom essay writing service has sparked a debate on whether it is legal or not. The custom writing industry is indeed legal, legitimate, and safe to use since they work under legal systems and follow the rule of law. Several reasons support custom writing services legality.

What Are Essay Writing Services Exactly? 

Provide a platform with professional writers who furnish students with customized essays so that they can attain better grades. These are legal and legitimate ghostwriter-like writing services from which students get relieved of their assignment burden by hiring writers. Students across the world utilize these services and benefit in many ways. 

The Essay Writing Service providers allow the students to be in contact with the writers to ensure students get what they want.

Things That You Should Consider Before Asking For help from Essay Writing Services

There are a few things that you need to consider before deciding to get assistance from essay writing services:

  • Privacy Policy: Before selecting a company for your essay, ensure that it’s a private matter between you and the service provider. If you are in contact with a reliable company, go for it provided privacy between the service provider and client is conserved.
  • Ensure the company is Registered: It is evident that there are companies in the writing industry that cheat students that their businesses operate under the law. You should always check for the integrity of your company.
  • Plagiarism free work: Your company should be able to deliver your work that has original content. Many companies that are not legal provide poor quality work that is full of content copy-pasted from various sources and of high plagiarism rates.
 Why Custom Essay Writing is Legal
  • Assurance of work delivery: The company you choose should be able to deliver your work draft on time. Delivering work on time shows how the company is reliable and reputable.
  • Quality writing: The company should guarantee you quality work on all your desired standards and conditions. Essay writers undertake in-depth research of the topic, comprehending the client’s requirements, and follow stated instructions. You should choose writing services that have skilled and qualified writers and have Essay Coach.

A credible essay writing service will always include terms of service on its website

Terms of use define the conditions which clients need to accept before using the service. Students should approve of the company’s disclaimer when they want to hire professional writers. For example, perfectessay may state in their terms of use that papers delivered can only be used for research or references only. Most students breach the terms of use and submit the papers as their original work without rephrasing anything.

Who owns the papers? 

Students are the main authors of the papers. The essay writers understand that the ownership of the papers is on the students. It is up to the writers to uphold their ethical principles. Recognized legal companies always transfer full ownership of the papers to their customers because their task is to supplement the research efforts of the students. 

Trustworthy paper writing services fulfil requests from their clients 

Legitimate essay writing service does not claim to be a substitute for students. The professional writers have better writing skills by which they can put up the content required by the students in a better way. The main categories of people who benefit a lot from these services are international students whose first language is not English, part-time working students who do not have enough time to write their assignments, and PhD students who cannot withstand writing too long essays since they have much work to do in their theses. 

Custom writing services are legal, and they follow the copyright and intellectual property law. You cannot disregard the immense help provided by these services to students. They do not stand in for students; they provide materials to help the students in their coursework. Students are the ones having the right to put their affiliations on the papers delivered to them. It is very convenient for students who have many other things to accomplish apart from college work. Before you decide to hire essay writers, consider looking at its legality.

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