8 App Categories You Should Consider Using on Mac More Often

One of the best things about a MacBook is that it offers quite a few different options as far as available applications go. Some of the best tools are built-in and are part of the macOS package. Other apps, though, you need to get from the official App Store or a third-party website.

In case you are still relatively new to MacBooks and have not had an opportunity to explore the available applications on this operating system, this article should give you a better idea of which apps you can and should try.

1. Text Editors

Let’s start with text editors. These tools might not seem like such a big deal when it comes to the overall usability, but there are instances when text editors come in handy.

Unlike Windows that have Notepad, macOS does not come with its own text editor. You might encounter some suggestions to get notepad++ for mac m1, but even so, you will need to use emulators and other workarounds to circumvent macOS.

Instead, it is better to get a text editor app that is actually made for MacBooks. Some of the best options for these include CondeRunnder, Espresso, Sublime Text, and Atom.

2. Security Tools

Security and privacy are not necessarily the biggest concerns among MacBook users because these computers are known for their reliability in fighting against potential threats. It also helps that you can expect regular security updates from the developers.

Nevertheless, there are still a few noteworthy tools that you should consider. For example, 1Password is great for when you have too many passwords and cannot memorize them all by heart.

Little Snitch is another solid pick as it allows Mac users to control incoming and outgoing connections. Little Snitch is one of the best permission blockers for macOS.

3. Backup and Storage Apps

For backup, you should be fine with the built-in Time Machine tool. You can combine it with an external hard drive or a USB flash stick and back up important files regularly.

Cloud services are another option. As a MacBook user, you should go with iCloud, which is tailor-made not just for Mac but also for other Apple devices. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can create a mini ecosystem together with the MacBook and move files between the cloud account and your devices.

4. Cleanup Utilities

Not enough drive space on a MacBook is a common issue, and more users should utilize cleanup tools. CleanMyMac X is the standout option, and you should not hesitate to get one yourself, particularly if the computer’s storage issues are becoming too hard to manage.

A cleanup utility tool that eliminates temporary system junk like old backups and cache can also function as an antivirus. Getting a two-for-one deal sounds great, right?

5. Video Editing Apps

Unless you are a professional video editor who needs to use specific applications for their work, you should be content with iMovie. The built-in video editor provides a basic set of tools you can expect to find.

Now, as for what professional video editing app you should choose, a lot comes down to a personal preference. For one thing, different editors have different needs for the tools they use at work.

Some solid options for video editing software on macOS include Movavi, Filmora, and Final Cut Pro. 

6. Temperature Checkers

An overheating MacBook is not a pretty sight, and you should not expect a laptop to last a long time if its temperature levels are constantly high. If you hear loud noises coming from the internal fans despite not running resource-heavy applications, it is another sign that you need a temperature checker that can optimize the MacBook’s overheating levels, and Temperature Gauge seems to be the go-to option.

In case you find that managing these issues via an application is not helping a lot, consider cleaning the dust inside the computer more often. Or, get a cooling pad.

7. Interface Modifiers

Some MacBook users are not that happy with how limited the range of user modifications goes. You can change the background image and move the Dock to the left or right side of the screen, but other than that, there is not that much you can do.

Thankfully, there are tools like Bartender, Dropzone, and Magnet to modify the apps, the Dock, the screen and its tabs, and other features of the computer.

8. Entertainment Apps

As far as entertainment applications go, MacBooks do not have that many exclusive options. One thing of note is perhaps some games that only run on macOS and are not available on other operating systems.

However, when it comes to the most popular entertainment tools, you have Steam, Netflix, Spotify, and Epic Games launcher. These are not Mac-exclusive, but it does not mean that they are bad. 

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