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Android Studio 3.0 arrive with Kotlin and Java 8 update – more exciting features to discover

Android Studio 3.0 by Google will allow developers to develop apps using Kotlin is the major update in the latest version of Android there are also few minor yet exciting features. It will be now possible to convert Java project files into Kotlin in few simple clicks in the app.

Latest Android Studio will ease developers job by supporting interesting features like highlighting the syntax and code completion. Google is also providing Android Plugin for Gradle 3.0.0 to enhance the scalebility and build times for multi-module products.

Android Emulator will support OpenGL ES 3.0 which is an app bug reporter and a proxy support in Android, and Android Emulator Quick Boot. Developers find emulators takes too much time to boot so with this update emulator will boot up cold first time and every time after that and will continue from a saved state. One can use this feature provided they update to  v26.2.0 of Android Emulator in SDK Manager.

Android Studio 3.0 arrive with Kotlin and Java 8 update

Android Studio 3.0 gives the ability to create Android 8.0 emulators from the Google Play Store pre-installed that means apps can be tested with all Play Services functionality. Google is providing an opportunity to debug arbitrary APKs in Android Studio 3.0. Updated file explorer will ease the viewing the files and directory structure of the Android device or emulator. Android Studio 3.0 will enable easy and quick preview as well as modifications of app data files directly from Android Studio 3.0

Android monitoring tools have been written from scratch in order to assist developers while  debugging performance issues of the app and the latest Android Profiler will enable developers to access to real-time and unified views of CPU, memory, and network activity for the app. Now it is easy to discover the touch events, activity changes and key presses to provide more details regarding when and why a particular event occurred.

Android Monitor tool is replaced by the new Android Profiler that has modern tools for monitoring CPU, network usage and memory in real-time to gauge the performance and detect memory leaks as well as performance error during early in the build process.

Android Studio 3.0  other exciting features

Apart from Kotlin support, Android Studio 3.0 offers below new opportunities:

  1. APK Analyzer has been included with extra enhancements to optimize the APK file size as well as arbitrary APKs can be debugged. 
  2. The Maven repository will be used by default instead of the Android SDK for smaller and faster updates. 
  3. Android Things which are embedded with device platform now supported by templates in New Project Wizard and New Module wizard 
  4. Amazing support of Java 8 language features through migration to the javac tool chain. Android Gradle build system plugin will allow the use of Java 8 features in developers’ code and libraries 
  5. It is possible to preview the look and feel of an adaptive icon using different screen icon masks using the Adaptive Icon Wizard. 
  6. It is possible to target the Android Oreo release (API level 26 or higher) using custom and downloadable fonts on behalf of XML 
  7. Manager support for figuring out the updates to dependencies inside Firebase Maven, Android Support Library, and Google Play Services.

Android Studio will be really comfortable for app developers who are currently interested in working with the Kotlin language. Hopefully this revolutionary update will allow developers to leverage the flexibility of android studio 3.0 for development of better android apps in quick development time

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