Android : Guide for Android App Developers?

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In this latest era technology plays an important role in the growth of the business. And for that website is an important essential constituent. But with the growth in technology people like to download different apps. Although the website plays an important role but nowadays clients are mostly not convinced by his but rather they require some more eye-catching things related to business.

So to develop an app is a perfect thought for rendering business. As most people use Samsung and other smartphones other than Ios and Samsung and all other phones other than iPhones are mostly Android. And to develop an app for android is not much difficult task but by following a perfect guideline one can develop an interesting app for Android.

First of all always keep in mind that the android uses Java language for programming. Secondly, research well for the idea and niche on which you have to develop the app. Pen down all the clear ideas and research on a piece of paper. Then see what’s related to your idea in the market so that the idea of yours and others do not match.


The platform of android for app development is not much difficult task and should meet the requirement of app development. The app should be attractive so that most of the clients gets easily influenced by this.

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First of all just focus on the design related to the niche of your website with the latest ideas. The design should be eye-catching and also very simple that every person who ever downloads the app can understand easily all the things. Elaborate on an innovative design which you want to publish.
Also note that the skills which every developer requires are illustrator and Photoshop.


Wear API are used in android wear which are taking hype in technology. Many developers use Wear API to get their app interactive with people.


Once your android app is ready and developed now is the second step is to publish it. Now there are two methods on which you can publish your android apps easily. One is ios platform and second is the Google play. Easy way to publish the android app is via Google play. For this you just have to create an account and pay registration charges $25. After that upload a compressed file provided by few details and some pictures about website. After providing necessary details wait for some hours so that Google play publishes the android app.

At the end just test your app whether it’s working perfectly or not just by downloading of different android phones and checking that many times.

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After the app is fully developed and is running perfectly time to time add some new features in it to enhance the quality of it. Nowadays mostly the gaming apps are downloaded the most and people are also earning with specifically the social apps and the gaming apps.

To publish the app on ios is little bit difficult and a totally different method as handling of ios is not easy. iPhones are not easily available in Pakistan and are mostly imported from USA. But as with the growing demands iPhone cases in Pakistan can easily be purchased for an iPhone.

On the other hand always remember for publishing and downloading the apps Samsung mobiles are considered to be the best ones and are most eligible as they come in wide variety and Samsung accessories in Pakistan are easily available. Samsung mobiles are also not expensive in cost.

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