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Amazon FBA Small Business Opportunity: 3 Tips And Tricks To Earn More Online

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Nowadays, you don’t need to get a huge loan to put up your own company. Amazon has made it attainable for people to start a small business through their FBA model. This revolutionary approach provided by the e-commerce giant has led to the success of several new business owners and the rise in number continues.

For many, this Amazon FBA small business opportunity merely started as a sideline project to earn extra income. However, you can easily take home twice or thrice as much as the amount you’re getting as an employee when you take advantage of these tips and tricks to make your small business earn more online.

1. Get Feedback from Customers

Aside from the fact that your customers’ reviews can help you improve the quality of your products and services, people will buy your goods more if your shop receives a lot of positive feedback. Moreover, with Amazon’s competitive marketplace, you need these reviews to overtake your competitors. The e-commerce site’s algorithm also looks at a store’s reviews to determine its ranking.

To do this:

  • You can give away free products to select people in exchange for fair and honest reviews.
  • You can also solicit reviews from customers who already bought the item and give them an incentive when they provide you with feedbacks such as a discount when they purchase it again.

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2. Know Your Way through Amazon SEO

Amazon uses a different algorithm than Google so the SEO strategy you’re applying for your website should be different for the e-commerce site. There are two major factors that A9, Amazon’s search algorithm, considers: relevance and performance.

Amazon FBA Small Business Opportunity: 3 Tips And Tricks To Earn More Online
Here’s an in-depth look at these factors:


  • Product Title – Use the most relevant keywords for your title including your brand name, a concise description of what the item is good for, its color and size, and a particular ingredient or material that characterizes it. But, make sure to avoid keyword stuffing as this will look unnatural and will have a negative impact on click-through rate.
  • Seller Name – You can rank higher in organic searches when you include the main keywords of your product in your seller name. For example, you can put the word “fashion” for a store that sells clothing goods.
  • Backend Keywords – These hidden keywords are linked to Google’s meta tags that allows the search engine to identify what your shop is all about. Amazon sellers can fill up to five fields for backend keywords each with a 50-character limit so make sure you make every character count.
  • Brand Field – This one shows up on the product page with links to other products from the same brand. Shoppers usually search for a product based on the brand name so be sure that it’s always spelled right.
  • Product Description – Include relevant keywords and craft your product description in a way that can be easily understood by the buyer. Of course, you have to make it convincing as well so that they click on the “Add to Cart” button.


  • Price – Research on how other sellers of the same product put a price on their items. If you charge high for a particular product compared to other brands, then Amazon’s algorithm will predict that you won’t be able to sell as many as your competitors and it will lead to a negative impact on your conversion rate. There are tools and extensions that you can use to help you with pricing.
  • Conversion Rate – Check the Detail Sales page in Seller Central and Traffic under Business Reports to view your Unit Session Percentage. These provide you with data on how many units your customers buy per visit.
  • Product Images – High-quality and unique images always have a higher conversion rate. The minimum size is 1,000 pixels in either height or width for the zoom function to work well.
  • Reviews – As mentioned above, products with more positive reviews get the highest rankings in search results. Feedback from customers can have an immense impact on overall product ranking and click-through rates.
Small Business Opportunity: 3 Tips And Tricks To Earn More Online

3. Strive for the Buy Box

The Amazon Buy Box is a button on the product detail page that customers click to add items to their carts. Majority of sales on the e-commerce platform go through this feature. However, not all sellers are eligible for it. Only merchants with exemplary seller metrics can get the coveted Buy Box. That’s why you have to work on the first two tips to increase your chances of being one of the lucky few to attain this.

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Your Amazon FBA small business can become a stable income source when you get it right. Getting the top ranking on the site’s search results does not happen overnight. The steps you take today will influence how successful your store will be in the future. Persevere and follow these tips and tricks on boosting your sales.

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