Alternatives To Ignition Interlock

Ignition interlock devices are very effective tools used to keep drunk drivers off the roads. It helps to ensure that you are not intoxicated while driving and still allows you to continue to live your life as you did before your charge. It is very important to note that ignition interlock devices are the most effective devices to stop drunk driving. Let us dive into those ignition interlock alternatives utilized to prevent drunk driving. 

Driver’s Education Program 

These education programs are set up to teach drivers the risk of driving while under the influence of alcohol. But unlike ignition interlock devices, they only discourage you from operating a vehicle when you are drunk in the future. They do not stop drunk drivers by locking the car at that particular moment. Due to this, they are not mostly used alone but used alongside ignition interlock devices. By the way, see here to find out How to Beat a Breathalyzer.

Sobriety Programs 

Rehabilitation centers also offer several intensive treatments for alcohol abuse. There are inpatient programs where you have to stay inside the facility and participate in these programs. There are outpatient treatments that allow you to attend the program during your free time. Sobriety programs will provide you with a support system to prevent you from driving under the influence. However, some states do not offer this option. 

Periodic Alcohol Monitoring 

Instead of using ignition interlock devices, some states can offer you the option of wearing an ankle bracelet that measures your alcohol level from your skin. They also use the same fuel cell technology as ignition interlock devices. It takes samples of your sweat every 30 minutes. It analyses your sweat and records it to be examined later. The ankle bracelet monitors your alcohol level but still does not stop you from getting behind the wheel. 

Sobriety Checkpoints 

Another alternative to ignition interlock devices is sobriety checkpoints. These checkpoints are operated by law enforcement officers who stay at various checkpoints to catch those who are driving under the influence of alcohol. However, this alternative is not available in all states. It is prohibited in some states while some do not have clear laws regarding them. Sobriety checkpoints are a good way to save lives and also catch drunk drivers. 

Loss Of Driving Privileges 

Losing your driving privileges are probably the most common alternative to using an ignition interlock device. These privileges can include losing your driver’s license for a specific period, getting your car impounded, or even as bad as serving jail time for your DUI charge. Serving jail time and getting your car impounded is very common to people who are not committing the offense for the first time. 

Ignition interlock devices are the only solution available to prevent you from starting your car if you do not provide a passable breath sample. They even require random tests during drives. This is to prevent you from using a sober person to provide a clean sample. Some ignition interlock devices even have cameras to take your picture while taking your test. 

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