All you need to know about PHUL workout

Exercising is one of the best ways to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle and is often encouraged by people of different backgrounds. Different types of exercises exist for different goals making it easier for people with different needs to find a suitable form of exercise.

Power hypertrophy upper lower workout is one of the exercises that boosts your strength and body size. The workout routines involve doing exercises that target the upper body and lower body parts on different days to build up muscles on those areas. The exercises are supposed to be done every week with two of them targeting the upper region and the other two for the lower section.

How PHUL workout works

PHUL exercises are usually done for days on each body part. This means that you have to do upper body workout for two consecutive days then follow those with two consecutive days for the lower body.

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As the name suggests, you’ll be doing hypertrophy exercises whose goal is to help you acquire more muscle structure. These include bench lifting, doing squats, overhead press, and dead-lifts. You’ll be using heavy weights and low reps for these. These will be alternated with using lighter weight and higher reps together with single joint exercises. 
While this type of workout is usually associated with strength and power, it mostly represents the routines including the sets and reps you’re required to do. This is because you can still gain more muscles through other types of exercises. However, it’s always advisable, to begin with, smaller sets and reps until your body adjusts to the program after which you can increase them.

Principles of PHUL workout

The effectiveness of PHUL workout routines depends on some basic principles such as how frequently your workout. The program targets each muscle group at least twice a week which helps increase muscle protein synthesis.

Another principle involves improving the performance of your muscles especially the main ones. Through compound movements of the program, you can get optimal results in your muscles.

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For strength improvement, this exercise uses time under tension together with progressive overload to help your body adjust accordingly. This is why most people usually experience energy boost after a couple of days when they begin the program.

Benefits of PHUL workout

According to some research such as the one published on an international journal of sports medicine, using alternative weight lifting programs such as the one done by PHUL routines enhances effectiveness. This shows that this program can give you the desired results faster since it alternates between heavy lifting and weight lofting which is more effective

PHUL also gives you several options to choose from. If you don’t like a specific type of exercise, you can still find a desirable one for you and get the same results. It’s still advisable to try out different types of exercises to maximize their effect and produce results faster.


While power hypertrophy upper lower workout is often praised for how fast it yields results, you should still practice caution just like any other exercise. For instance, you should start with lifting smaller weights to give your body time to adjust to the routine then you can improve. You should Also keep going even when you feel like giving up in order to avoid derailing your results.

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