All You Need To Know About Monetizing Your Video or Content

According to a survey, only 21% of the entrepreneurs are satisfied with the revenue they are generating with their businesses. Although options are numerous, and entrepreneurs know how to work with them effectively, they still need to overlook top monetization channels for their content and visuals. 

To get a firm grip on the economy, below are the top 5 tried and tested ways to monetize your content or video with all the relevant information you need to know. 


Most of the content creators earn around $100 monthly with advertising on videos, especially on YouTube. They are not just newcomers; they are the top niche performers. YouTube has revised its partnership program and set exacting standards to be eligible for admission. 

Also, being accepted is another story. Requirements, coupled with lower revenues, turn content creators away from the advertising monetization. Most of the entrepreneurs are looking to pad their pockets for other platforms. 

Social media channels are providing many satisfactory outcomes when it comes to paid ads and content monetization. However, advertising still holds a significant way over the population, specifically on the allure of brand deals and sponsorships. Hence, it is always worth chasing.

Sponsorship and Sales

Rand deals and sponsorships are profitable with targeted audiences. Influencers can make a difference in this type of monetization. Small influencers are people, who have an audience of 1000-10,000 followers, and their rates are usually low, but the impact is enormous. 

These so-called micro-influencers may cost you less than $250 per post with a reach of 1000-10,000 targeted audiences. This will help marketers to work with a different micro-influencer to get a high reach but with better reliability. The only drawback is sometimes you have to work on their conditions. Still, the model fares better.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is considered as the natural evolution of branding. They are accessible by everyone and are more straightforward than traditional brandings. There is no shortage of available affiliate programs to join for small businesses; even when a brand deal needs to be directly negotiated with high eligibility requirements.

Additionally, there is no need to be a mega influencer to get to the affiliate marketing queue. You just need to have audiences who trust you with recommendations. After that, you can affiliate links in your video and content so that if your followers buy from the link, you will get a good commission. 

Hence, that is the easiest way for monetization and a profitable track for both content creators and brand advertisers. In 2017, retailers had spent around $5.5 billion on affiliate marketing and got considerable revenue. Moreover, 84% of online business owners and 81% of overall brands use affiliate marketing to generate revenues, according to Forrester Consulting. It doesn’t end here; content creators are being benefited with profits with it. 

“The only drawback of affiliate marketing is that you need to keep dragging new traffic, make them followers, and get them engaged with your content so that you can get good profitability.” Says; Savannah Liam, Marketing Head, Australian Master. Hence, affiliate marketing deserves to be in your content marketing strategy, but you should not entirely rely on it. 

Digital Downloads

Digital download selling is far easier to break into monetization than selling online courses. They are cheap when compared to online course generations. More than 70% of small businesses and startups are offering digital downloads with their launch to monetize audiences while sponsored with special marketing funds. 

Moreover, digital downloads are easy and instant to put together. They come up with a much lower cost than online courses but are advantages than them. Hence, if you have not sold a digital download to your visitors, consider offering them a digital download at just $20, which is far better than asking them for an expensive commitment of an online course. 

The digital download does not necessarily have to be an eBook. Instead, it can be any type of content that is downloadable, including an informative video, a printable resource, podcasts, a useful application, creative visuals, and many more.

Some examples of the digital download are customized calendars, workbooks, patterns, mobile device monitoring, webinars, lectures, creative fonts, slide decks, infographics, and photographs. They are your products in action. 


After talking about all four practical ways, let’s get our gears switched and discuss the golden rule of monetization. Undoubtedly it takes a lot more effort to create than digital downloads, but the outcome is worth it.

Membership offers and god cause donations are low maintenance revenue-generating ways for most of the video and content creators. However, there is just a drawback with them that you can only sell them once for a particular period. 

Just like customers have purchased your online course or an eBook, they will need a more recent and updated product and need to find new customers to keep the income rolling in. The same goes for membership selling. 

Memberships come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, and they give you an additional benefit like a regular salary or premium from recruiting revenue. Also, you don’t have to get complicated plugins to get them posted. You just need to create an offer with multiple payment tiers that elaborate membership levels to reach the broadest possible number of audiences. 

Memberships are more logical stepping stones than an online course and help you pull up additional profitable revenue. Additionally, they are just the right thing an audiences need to have from downloadable discounts to free registrations and much more. 

Hence, they are result driven, community-driven, and for a god matter of fact, they can be hybrid. Memberships are the most popular way of monetization that resonates well with every kind of audience. 

Membership sites are an ideal way to engage your audience for a long time and ripe the fruit of the monetization while replacing income without the stress of one-time product volatility. 


The above ways are just the beginning to monetize your video or content. It is an endless road that takes you to the destination of success and profits. Take the first step with the above five ways and see the endless possibilities and opportunities coming to your way. Good luck!

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