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All You Need to Know About Flutter 1.2 – New Release by Google:

Google launched its first programming language for mobile application development framework in 2015. With such a mobile cross-platform framework, the Android and iOS applications have reached to different dimensions. After the first launch and great success in the mobile app development industry, Google celebrated the anniversary occasion by launching another best version of Flutter.

Google announced Flutter’s first feature update just a couple of months ago on February 26, 2019, now popularly known as Flutter 1.2. They said it is the first fresh and stable version. This release is evidence that how Flutter app development companies have loved the UI framework.

Release by Google: All You Need to Know About Flutter 1.2

Google mentioned version 1.2 has a clear focus in a few major areas, here they are:

  1. Improvement in stability, quality, and performance of the core framework.
  2. Endeavor to polish visual effects finishing and it’s functionalities of existing widgets.
  3. Latest web-based tooling for developers designing Flutter apps.

We know Flutter has a portable toolkit, for designing beautiful UI, supporting natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a common codebase. Also, the new features allow dynamic delivery which allows to create and serve integrated APKs for users’ device. Developers are earning benefits now, as they don’t have to download the space-occupying resources or codes to run their applications.

The brand new version 1.2 is going to assist in-app shopping.
Addition to Flutter 1.2, Google also customized the framework with Dart DevTools embedded debugging feature which assisted developers a lot in easy debug, view logs, and smart widget verification. Also, Dart DevTools has been declared as a-state-of-art-tool by Google.

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We will see more about the briefly explained features in the upcoming context.

Here are some more enhanced and interesting updated pool of features, without taking more time come on dive in it!

Exceptionally Top 5 Optimized Version 1.2 Features

Extra Plugins

Google has improvised the Flutter 1.2 by featuring new plugins in it. It made the framework technology more complete, sufficient, and user-friendly Earlier the whole technology setup was dependent on external frameworks and SDKs, but not anymore. The added properties are:

  • Supports app-purchasing;
  • Enables Android-app bundles which helps in reducing the size of the app;
  • Modernizes IAP purchases in the application.

Modern Set Of Widgets

Material and Cupertino widgets are the specialties of Flutter frameworks. This technology promises pixel-perfect designs on Android and iOS to render native apps to users. They concentrated on the minute details and implemented them heavily.

  • It supports flexible usage.
  • For easy editing of text, they added floating cursor support for iOS platforms.
  • Implementation of keyboard events and mouse hover are introduced to support desktop-class OS.

Dart 2.2 is Available Now!

Surprise for the web app developers was the addition of Dart 2.2. It is a web-based programming tool with highly enhanced features. Dart involved an improved AOT (Ahead of Time) performance and supported the literal language. Moreover, Dart 2.2 allows:

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To assist developers in analyzing and debugging of the applications.
To inspect the widgets and the hierarchy to the elements in apps.
A timeline view of apps, which will analyze frame by frame.
Bugs fixing and glitches.
Fast and efficient tracking of codes
To keep a record of the application.

Bug Fixing Properties

The bug fixing is no more just limited now. Flutter 1.2 has made it possible in fixing in the video players, web view, and maps.

Google has availed tools to help Flutter developers debug and analyze their apps. It lets you enter via code, set breakpoints, and investigate the call stack. The debugging tools are available for the Visual Studio Code and Android Code along with the extensions and add-ins.

These editing and debugging tools have made the life of mobile developers easy.

The three major debugging tools involve Widget inspector, Timeline view, Source-level debugger, and logging view.

Widget Inspector: Enables visualization and investigation of the tree hierarchy that Flutter uses for translation.

Timeline View: Assist you to diagnose your application at a frame level, identify problems and a computational solution is provided which may cause ‘jank’ in your application.

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Source-level debugger: You can easily get into the code, set your own breakpoints, and investigate the stack which is called by function.

Activity Log: It shows the activities from where you haved logged in and the network, framework as well as garbage accumulation events.

Widen the Set of Animation Functions.

Flutter is known and widely known for highly attractive frameworks. It has hundreds of options and functions for animation. In the new version of Flutter 1.2, Google has integrated the technology with new animation functions. The new package of an animator and state_rebuilder library.

The set of animation functions have been classified into implicit and explicit-like animation.

All You Need is Flutter 1.2 For Future!

A big focus of Flutter 1.2 is to grow beyond the mobile platforms and it is happening. At the Flutter live venture, Google made an announcement of a project encrypted name “Hummingbird”. It has brought Flutter to the world wide web and the next plan is to share with the audience in the upcoming events.

Also, Flutter is getting to step into the world of desktop-class devices.

Also, Flutter has created it’s presence so brilliantly that it is now one of the top 20 reports on the GitHub.

Flutter now has millions of users worldwide. It has also been observed that the entrepreneurs are bringing more ideas in the market through build new gen apps with flutter app development company.

Flutter1.2 has brought a transformation in the world of the mobile application. In the upcoming session of live talks, Google is going announce Flutter create. It is going to be a challenging platform for technical lovers. It will dare you to create something interesting, inspiring, and beautiful with the new Flutter using five kilobytes or less than a Dart code.

Now that we have learned enough about Flutter, it is the time to hire Flutter developers asap to compete and get innovative in the market of mobile app development.

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