AI For Your Digital Marketing Campaign: Why it Works?

As AI or Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve, so will our ability to use it to enhance our digital marketing strategies and continue to provide valuable customer insights for businesses and brands.

Nowadays, AIs have the ability to collect different types of data, analyze them, use them, and are able to learn from them. With this, Artificial Intelligence can transform every digital strategy to make it more useful than ever. Even experts from SEO Adelaide suggest that AI is highly significant for the future of digital marketing. 

What is AI or Artificial Intelligence?

When you look at the definition of AI in Wikipedia. Artificial Intelligence is a kind of intelligence that was demonstrated using a machine or a computer. In computer science, AI is also called ‘machine intelligence’ that can mimic human brain function, such as problem-solving and learning.

Nowadays, AI has been greatly improved. Advanced AI can perform numerous highly specialized and technical tasks such as speech recognition, natural language processing, image recognition, problem-solving, robotics, etc. AI is becoming more mature and more efficient in performing their tasks based on the given data.

How can AI help your Digital Marketing Campaign?

Before, many marketers were hesitant to use AI in their marketing plans and strategies since it doesn’t prove anything yet. However, after successful brands like Amazon have adopted the technology and use it for their marketing and become successful. AI now becomes an integral part of every marketing campaign.

A lot of E-commerce websites nowadays were able to utilize the use of AI systems successfully. For example, AIs were able to show highly relevant products to the shoppers based on their previous searches, product views, and completed purchases. With this, the money-making website was able to increase the chance of repeat orders from those shoppers. Furthermore, advanced AIs were also able to send personalized promotions based on the same data, which, in turn, generate leads.

Below are some ways on how AI is helping a lot of digital marketers worldwide.

Highly Focused on Consumer Behavior

To work correctly, AI needs valuable data (collection of customer behavior and information) to help marketers with their marketing and decision making. Once AI is fed with data, it can gain accurate insights, especially for targeted customers based on their behavior. With this, the marketing team will be able to develop the most appropriate marketing strategy.

AI was programmed to analyze any behavioral information from consumers carefully. This is the reason why it should be fed with the most detailed data as possible such as the types of products a consumer buys. Which web pages they usually browse, what kind of search engine they are using to search for products, their current location, age, gender, etc. All of those data is essential so it can analyze the consumer’s needs. Moreover, these data can also are used by marketers to make the shopping experience much more comfortable (like putting a product recommendation section during the checkout) and eventually boost sales.

Insight Integration

As we have mentioned earlier, the more data you feed, the more it learns and grows. By calculating previous data combined with the new one. AIs were able to solve complex problems and deliver results, which is a big help in business decision making. Digital marketers were able to customize their digital ads based on what the AI is recommending since it knows the buying journey of their target customers. 

Facebook Insights, for example, is a handy tool to track user interaction in a Facebook Fan Page easily. AI can determine the number of active users and follow them. It recommends the best time where the admin should be posting and the type of content that the users might be looking for. With this type of intelligence, it makes it easy for marketers to adjust their marketing strategy based on what the AI is giving them.

Semantic Searching

Through the years, AIs start to have a deeper understanding of what consumers are looking for whenever they search for something on the internet. They were rather trying to understand the contextuality of the search rather than focusing on the entered keyword. With this, it can offer a more valuable set of results that are customized. 

While this might affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it opens a lot of possibilities since by having a deeper understanding of what every consumer really needs. Every marketer will be able to easily create a marketing plan that would cater to those kinds of needs in the future.

Curating Content

Rather than showing the same content for every visitor. AI can now display the most relevant and personalized content to every site visitor based on their previous surfing or purchasing information. For example, when a person tries to search for an apple watch on an e-commerce website then later log in on their social media account. They will be surprised if an ad will recommend buying an apple watch on their newsfeed. In some cases, AI will also recommend ‘similar’ products that a consumer may want to have. And the moment they explore the suggestion page, the more the AI learns their behavior and preference. 

Voice search interactions

You probably already know about Siri, Alaska, and Alexa and other voice recognition assistant software. Since the development of voice search and speech recognition, a lot of people are now using and enjoying this feature. Google has been improving its algorithms for voice search to cater to the growing demand. With this, a lot of marketers are now putting in money to optimize their money-making website to make it SEO-friendly using voice search

AI chatbots

This is probably one of the best things that AI has to offer. It can easily cater to a large number of inquiries from customers, even if they are all in different time zones. Furthermore, it doesn’t rest, so you are assured that all your customers get an answer anytime. A lot of brands have already implemented AI chatbots on their platform like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.

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