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Advantages of being a nurse, Nursing college in Pennsylvania.


Nursing is a very rewarding career. Every profession has its rewards, however, nursing seems to be that one career where you can eat your cake and have it. This is not to say that it doesn’t have it’s cons,the rewards however far outweigh the disadvantages. This could be in tangible form,emotional and/or on clinical levels.

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Below are six advantages of being a nurse.

  • Saving a life:Nursing provides an avenue where you can be directly involved in saving lives. The emotional gratification that comes from saving a life  is stupendous and is hard to match by any other profession.
  • Creating new relationships: Nurses are involved with people from different walks of life,whether children, adults, professionals of different career line or even related fields. While discharging their duties, they develop personal relationships with the patients, chat with them and listen to them. This gives a platform to continually meet new people.
  • Diversity: Nursing is a vast and diverse profession. You’ll get the opportunity to work in different patient care areas and attend to  different conditions.Also,you can decide to specialize your career in whatever direction you want- the choice is yours.
  • Making good money: While many may not be in the nursing line strictly for the money,they,nonetheless get paid handsomely for their services.
  • Job flexibility: As demanding as nursing can be, it is also a flexible job to take on. While other professions may have to be on 8-5, five days a week,nurses have a more flexible call and as such can pick up extra shifts,work overtime and get extra pay. 
  • Job security:According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of the biggest benefits of being a registered nurse is a project employment growth of 15 percent from 2016 to 2026 which is faster than any other occupation. The society needs nurses and as population keeps growing, the demand for nurses will continue to increase.

Benefits of being a nurse

The benefits of being a nurse exceeds count and are not limited to those mentioned above, however, a few of the disadvantages of being a nurse are;

  • Difficult patients: While patients are one of the most important arm of a nurse’s career,some patients are very difficult to manage. Some patients are easy to deal with,but some aren’t. Difficult patients and their relatives is a reality that nurses have to deal with while providing care.
  • Stress: The nursing profession comes with its own baggage of physical and emotional strain. You may have to stand for  long hours, lift,carry or push objects and patients or even deal with the death of a patient you have grown fond of- not every patient leaves the hospital alive.
  • Being undervalued: Marginalization of nurses by other professionals in the health care industry as well by patients is what nurses have to constantly deal with. The is a general assumption that nurses can’t do anything on their own without the guidance of a physician. 

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