Actionable Ways Seniors Can Boost Happiness and Wellness

Aging or getting older does not always mean you should settle with medical conditions or poor quality of life. Aging is just an integral part of the human life cycle that we have to be happy about. Reaching another year only meant that our health allows us to live despite the many changes in our physical, mental, social, emotional, and sexual realms. Many of these changes can be regarded as both positive and negative and while these are natural bodily changes, they do not have to be a hindrance to the conduct of your daily life.

In keeping your body healthy, you must fully be knowledgeable about your health status and condition. This is the first step towards protecting your health and shall serve as a baseline on what you can and cannot do. Whether or not you are enjoying healthy practices, it is never too late to appreciate and find the fun. That is the ultimate secret to aging — focusing on the good parts and enjoying life as it comes to you. This must be the reason why a study found that seniors in their eighties, nineties, and older reported higher levels of wellbeing and contentment than teenagers and young adults, (New York Times, 2017). 

Certainly, to celebrate life means to live with happiness and good wellbeing. Here are a few ways that can help:

1. Be in a social circle. 

We are all human beings and human beings are social creatures. We feel safe, secured, and loved whenever we are listened to or heard. To minimize any feelings of stress and discomfort brought on by certain medical conditions, you should always have a support group or circle of peers who can relate, empathize, and understand you. You may join an interactive group that arranges activities for seniors and whose members have similar interests as you. Staying socially connected can strongly contribute to your mental and physical wellbeing. 

2. Find a worthwhile hobby. 

While it is easier to watch the television all day or read the newspaper than immerse yourself into something really worth your time, doing a hobby that can reawaken your creative or cognitive abilities can rekindle the spark in you. You might want to try building your own herb garden, practice making a perfect clay pot, or simply paint a canvas — things that you can do with no pressure and will not require much effort, can show progression but you can find it enjoyable. Focus on the things you can do and you will always feel like conquer anything. When you look forward to getting your hands on something the next day, you can live every day with a smile.

3. Do acts of kindness.

In PsychCentral (2014) it was revealed that doing good deeds to others or formally volunteering can reduce any forms of depression and can increase psychosocial wellbeing in older adults. Seniors, in the study, mentioned feeling that appreciated or needed gave their self-esteem a boost, and those with serious medical conditions benefited the most from it. Relevantly, human beings always have the nature of giving and helping others and the happiness we experience from doing so is called the helper’s high, a wave of positive emotions following a selfless service to others. Greater health and increased longevity are known to be the effect of such a psychological state. Give random gifts or help charities. If it would make you happy, you can also give out CBD oils for your other senior friends. It always feels good to do good. 

4. Learn something new each day

Many cases of cognitive decline among older adults come from simply not making any effort to practice and apply their knowledge. Skills need to be practiced every once in a while so they do not tarnish. Cognitive skills are the core skills your brain uses to learn, remember and think, and since you have slowed down on intellectual conversations compared to when you were working before, all the more that you should practice these skills so your memory does not falter and slip. Or you can educate your household on how to take care of ageing adults so they can better understand you and know just what kind of treatment you need. Honesty is key. Through this, you can boost your life satisfaction and happiness while also improving your physical and mental state. Lifelong learning is a must.

5. Focus on the good parts. 

Happiness is always a choice and as you age, all the more that you should require yourself to be happy. Problems can cause a huge amount of stress and stress can lead to other medical problems. Withdrawing yourself from stress and negativities can help you condition your mind to practice appreciative thinking — the kind of mindset that focuses on what works and not what is lacking. This is the foolproof way to better regulate your emotional health

6. Stay physically active as much as you can. 

This applies not only to older adults but to people across all age groups. A key factor to happy aging and life satisfaction is being actively engaged in life. Perhaps you may do some 10-minute walk every day in front of your porch, lift a water bottle as weights, or simply washing the dishes. You may not do an exercise but any form of physical activity is important. If you make an effort to stay physically active, you can maintain your optimal health and wellbeing.

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