A Simple Guide to Physical Health & Fitness for Seniors 

Even if you have all the money in the world, a thriving and ever-growing extended family, and the time and freedom to do exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it, if your physical health is suffering, then everything else plays second fiddle. 

With this in mind, continue reading to discover a simple guide to physical health and fitness for seniors. 

Get Outside Every Single Day

First and foremost, regardless of whether you’re in peak physical fitness and heartily enjoy physical exercise or else you have a temporary or even permanent injury that’s holding you back, getting outside in the fresh air is a top priority.

This fact is just one of the reasons why Belmont Village Senior Living locations are so popular, as activity calendars full of enjoyable physical exercise in the great outdoors are a normal part of each and every week.  

Muscle Strengthening Exercises 

An important component of regular physical exercise for older adults is centered around building core muscle strength, and fortunately, there is a wide range of exercises to focus upon.

You could choose to invest in muscle-strengthening resistance bands (make sure you learn how to use them properly before your first session) or start to exercise with free weights (like a can of soup) to strengthen your arms and shoulders.

Alternatively, other effective muscle-strengthening exercises include gardening (the more vigorous kind), dancing, star jumping, and other full-body movements, carrying shopping bags instead of using a cart, and even chair aerobics. 

Coordination & Balance Exercises

Another element of physical exercise for seniors should primarily concentrate on building coordination and balance from your core. 

Balance is an entity that often becomes less than perfect as people age and is responsible for the vast majority of trips and falls in the elderly, so trying out one or more of the following coordination and balance exercises will only serve to help you:

  • Pilates
  • Bowls
  • Posture exercises
  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi 

Start an Evening Class

If you’re not overly keen on spending a couple of hours a week or more exercising on your own, then there’s, of course, another option.

Take a look at the local evening classes available in your area, and ideally, find one that’s close enough for you to easily walk to and from the venue. This could be anything from ballroom dancing to aqua aerobics.

Choosing to look after your physical health and well-being by starting an evening class or even a morning class won’t just keep you motivated while working out, but it will also serve to improve your social life tenfold. 

Always Listen to Your Body

Even though the different types of physical exercise highlighted within this article are a fantastic way of staying fit and healthy as you age, you should be aware of the key warning signs that you’re pushing yourself too far.

Make sure that if you even think you may be experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, you contact your medical doctor without delay; nausea and sickness, pain in the chest, discomfort or pain, feeling faint or dizzy, and prolonged shortness of breath. 

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