A Painless Way of Managing Your PDF Files Using GogoPDF Online Tools

PDF is a portable file format that many people use today. It utilizes technology to compress your electronic files to have smaller file sizes. Hence, if you have tons of files in PDF, you’ll surely never encounter any issues in viewing them, sharing them with other devices, and even uploading these files online. 

Moreover, because of the portability feature of PDF, it’s recommended for mobile downloads. That will surely give you the convenience of accessing your PDF files using your smartphone whenever and wherever you are. However,  you sometimes find it a little bit challenging to manage PDF files if you have tons of them on your smartphone or computer. 

Hence, you’ll need a platform that will help out with your files. GogoPDF is the most reliable platform for you that offers you access to its tools online for free. Read the details below to know these different tools to help you manage and organize your PDF files in a painless way. 

File Converter

If you’re looking for a specific file format that isn’t available on your computer or smartphone, you’ll be needing the file converter of GogoPDF. It’s an online tool that will allow you to convert the available file in your storage to a format you need. The process is simple and will usually take a few minutes, depending on how many files you’re converting. 

You can find all of the tools of GogoPDF on its official website. There you would know the simple process of how to convert PPT to PDF in a stress-free way if you want to have a PDF copy of your PPT presentation. 

You can also convert your Excel spreadsheets and Word documents to PDF format. There are more files you can convert to other formats that you can check on its official website. That’s how convenient and easy it is to use the file converter of GogoPDF. 

Repair PDF Tool

If you deal with tons of PDF files every day as part of your job, you may have experienced using a PDF file that won’t open to view its content, or all of the information the file contains are all gone. In that case, the file might be damaged or corrupted. To help you out, you’ll be needing the repair PDF tool of GogoPDF that’s completely for free. 

You only need to upload the damaged files on the repair PDF tool of GogoPDF. Then, the system will recover your PDFs, making them usable again to the purpose they serve best. However, some files might be impossible to fix because of the enormous damage, or it could be the file is entirely corrupted by a computer virus. 

For those that can still be fixed, GogoPDF is a reliable tool to use to recover your files. Hence, you can expect either partial or complete recovery of your damaged PDFs. If you have a damaged PDF file right now, you can directly visit the website to use its repair PDF tool for free.

Protect PDF Tool

Your PDF files may have important data and confidential information that you only allow a few people to access them for various purposes. In that case, it will be better to set up a password for each of these valuable electronic documents. Good thing that GogoPDF offers you access to its protect PDF tool for free.

You only need to upload your files on the online protect PDF tool of GogoPDF. Then, the system will ask you to provide a password, so you need to create one. Make sure to personalize it and follow the guidelines provided on the website. The password should contain a combination of letters, symbols, and other characters. 

After that, the system will start saving the password you provided that will usually take a few minutes. Once it’s finished, you can download the newly encrypted files to your computer or smartphone. That’s how easy it is to set up a password for your PDF files to protect them from unauthorized access and use. 


It’s not easy to manage tons of PDF files in your computer storage or smartphones. However, the list of online tools of GogoPDF discussed above will surely make your job easy. You can visit its official website to see what else the platform can offer to your PDF files. 

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