A Beginner’s Guide TO SEO

Search engine optimization is like fuel for your website. In simple words, it will get your business moving by bringing in your first set of organic traffic. With a good SEO strategy, you will be able to reach relevant customers online.

SEO involves both finding relevant keywords that are commonly searched for on search engines and making back-end modifications that will enable customers to link back to your site. A well-planned search engine strategy will help you build a solid foundation of incoming traffic to your website, without depending on paid ads.

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For early-stage startups and new businesses, leveraging the benefits of a good SEO plan will give that initial traction to move ahead. We have listed down some of the basic SEO activities that you should be doing as a startup founder:

Write Good Titles & Meta Descriptions For Your Pages

The goal of a website page title and its description is to provide the best possible explanation of the information within the page, in relation to the search term. Some simple rules to follow while writing your page titles and Meta description is to always keep your title as descriptive as possible, but precise. Also, nowadays keyword stuffing is an absolute no-no.

A key factor that some of you might miss out on is ensuring the uniqueness of content. Every page should be addressing a unique problem or solution, and the Meta description should be highly relevant to an individual page. We don’t want to compete within our own pages for google ranking. Find out more about SEO on Internetmarketingteam.com.

Add ALT Tags To Your Website Images

Writing ALT Tags is the best way to tell Google about the keywords used on your page. However, Google cannot differentiate between images. So having ALT Tag descriptions for your images will help Google bots and other website crawlers read the text and pull up relevance for a search term.

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To add the ALT Tag, go the images section of your website and look for the ‘add alt tag’ box. Once you find it, add a keyword that’s relevant to the page on which the image will get showcased. Find out if you’re ready to incorporate SEO into your business by contacting Phoenix SEO.

Get Listed On Business Directory Sites

Getting listed on business directories is the easiest way to connect with your customers. Most prospective customers will be searching for your product or service on google or other search engines. And local directories commonly pop-up for such search terms. These directories are mostly visited by customers who need immediate assistance. Getting listed in these pages will allow you to be found in your early days, way before your organic SEO activities start showing results. So to start with, find at least 3 listing sites that are most relevant to you and start promoting your business for free.

Get Google Analytics And Search Console Activated

The only way to find out if your website is getting traffic is by using google analytics. An activating the web search console will enable you to find out the actual search terms that are bringing traffic to your site. Keeping a track of this and making tweaks and modifications to your SEO strategy will get your business in the track sooner than later.

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