8 Things to Do Before Your Morning Workout

When doing your morning exercise, you should always have a plan on what you need to do before you start your morning workout. You should know how you can twerk your fitness routine to get maximum progress and results. 

Doing workouts should be a fun activity and be the easiest part of a fitness routine. Whether you jog, walk, lift weights or engage in CrossFit for just one hour a day, it is enough to have a huge impact on your body. 

While engaging in your morning routine, several factors come into play. According to experts, things such as quality sleep and good nutrition play a huge role in doing your morning exercise. In this article, you will know some of the things you can do before engaging in your morning routine

8 Things to do before morning workout 

1. Eat and drink wisely 

You have probably heard many conflicting opinions regarding eating and drinking before engaging in morning fitness routines. Experts suggest that there are multiple benefits in your workouts if you choose drinks and meals wisely. 

While talking about hydration, you can consider drinking two or three glasses of water a couple of hours before you start your workout. We also recommend you drink tea in the morning before you engage in your routine. We recommend you drink loose leaf tea as it comes with so many advantages. Click here to know more about loose leaf tea and some of its benefits besides being offered in tea bags. 

Drinking tea in the morning before doing your workout stimulates the nervous system. In turn, this enhances your body performance. 

2. Grab a quick snack 

Don’t force yourself into eating if you do not feel like taking a snack before your workout. However, if you feel like taking a snack, then you should do it as it will act as fuel. If you don’t have any food in your body, you don’t have the energy to perform your workout. 

You can take a toast and some almond butter, which will get you started. The point is not to be full and neither is it to starve. 

3. Get enough sleep 

Among the major factors to get successful workout results is getting enough sleep. Sleep affects the balance and release of neurotransmitters, which can also be known as happy hormones. These processes occur at the cellular level and brain. Our bodily functions will impact our performance abilities physically in powerful positive ways. 

Good sleep acts as a gatekeeper to a great workout, with proper brain function and the correct amount of energy, the chances of getting injuries are low and your body will be able to handle quick movements and heavy loads. 

4. Use foam rollers 

A foam roller is a rising fitness trend commonly used by celebrities. Besides being used therapeutically to release stress, it can be advantageous to the body as its increases blood circulation and eradicates toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. Foam rollers also make your muscles feel more youthful. 

You can use foam rollers before your workouts in the morning as they help to awaken your body and prepare it for movement. You can use them as warm-up tools before working out. By doing this, it prevents you from getting muscle injuries. 

5. Dynamic stretching warm-up

Stretching before a workout seems like a usual thing to do before working out. However, many people rush into this important step or at times, even disregard it. Stretching helps to warm your muscles and prevents your body from becoming sore after post-workout. 

Stretching enables your body to raise its body temperature, raise the range of motion and make your body ready for the exercise activity you are about to engage in. 

Skipping stretching can be a breaking factor when it comes to your exercise routine. 

6. Wear the clothes and footwear designed for workout 

Before you engage in your workout, ensure you choose the right clothes and footwear. This will enable you to run, jump, stretch, move and do certain poses and positions to increase your flexibility and mobility. 

For instance, you can consider wearing a sports bra that will be comfortable running. Putting on the correct sneakers while doing a long run will result in great comfort and lead to improved endurance and fun workout. 

Before you head out of the house, ensure you have the right outfit for working out. Always go for shorts, sports bras and leggings as they are comfortable. 

7. Have a workout buddy 

Making workout plans with a friend is a good way of holding yourself accountable. Doing workouts together will act as an encouragement as it will motivate you daily to keep pushing yourself. 

8. Come up with workouts that you love doing 

Always keep trying new exercises and see the ones you love doing the most. Once you start enjoying certain workouts, it will not be a problem getting out of bed. 


Morning exercises are the best fitness routines. Doing early morning routines will help you start your day as you start your day with a lot of optimism, focus, and energy. Moreover, eating healthy after doing morning fitness routines is high, which will help you stay active all day. 

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