8 Cable Management Accessories To Organize Your TV and Desk Space

Proper cable management goes a long way in maintaining your TV and desk space. Not only will it keep your area clean and ensure your safety against hazards, but it will also make it easier and faster to troubleshoot cord-related problems. Organizing your cables can also make your computer perform better and enhance your entertainment space to make it look more coordinated.

The best thing about cable management is that you don’t have to be a tech expert to do it. You just need a vision of how you want your space to look and the right accessories to achieve it. This article will help you with the latter as it lists eight cable management options that will help you tidy up your TV and desk space.

1. Tube or Sleeve System

A cable tube or sleeve system is the ideal accessory you need if you want to make your cords virtually invisible. This durable system allows you to keep your cables neatly together to avoid accidental snags and prevent them from fraying.

Cable tubes and sleeves come in various lengths to ensure that you can cover up cords of different sizes. They are also form-fitting and flexible, making it easier to hide multiple cables at once and run them along curved surfaces.

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What’s more, tubes and sleeves that have a zipper opening allow you to put them together and organize bigger or more cables. These accessories even come in different colors to make them easier to match your wall paint or home decor.

2. Cable Raceway

If you want to hide thick cables like 3-pin plug cords or Cat-6 Ethernet cables, a raceway kit would be the most workable choice for you. This accessory is a versatile pick since you can use it for either your home media center or work setup.

It can fit several cables at a time and keeps them secure with the raceway’s snap-close lid. A cable raceway also protects the cords running along baseboards against bumps, snags, and kicks thanks to its durable material.

What’s more, you’ll have multiple installation options to suit your living or working space. You can secure the cable raceway with adhesive tape or screw them directly onto your baseboards.

3. Under-desk Tray

Don’t want your cables hanging from your table? An under-desk tray might be the right option for you. This cable management solution helps you achieve a clutter-free setup as it effectively conceals the cords under your work or study station.

Under-desk trays come in different designs. Some are partially closed to prevent the cables from falling apart, while others have grid-like layouts for better airflow.

One thing to keep in mind is that this type of accessory needs to be screwed beneath your tables to keep the cables from dangling. Most if not all under desk trays include screws for the installation process, though they may not be the sturdiest fasteners around so it’s best to have extra ones on hand to be sure.

4. Cable Management Box

Power strips offer a convenient way to extend the energy from your electrical outlets, but they can be displeasing to the eyes. The solution for this problem is simple: get a cable management box. This accessory allows you to conceal your power strips and the cords that come with them in style.

It comes in various designs and colors, so you can get one that matches your desk or TV setup. Cable management boxes are also made from durable materials like heat-resistant PC-ABS resin to ensure their durability and keep your cables well-protected. When it comes to efficient electrical installations, a high-quality cable puller is an indispensable tool, and you can find a reliable one at Ten Group’s selection.

They even come in different dimensions to accommodate power strips of varying sizes or custom power cords. Additionally, some boxes have holes or cutouts on the sides to keep the cords organized while in use.

5. Desk Skirt

A desk skirt offers a great way to organize your cables while adding a level of privacy to your workstation. This type of accessory has cable management slots to ensure that your cords are well-organized and out of sight.

Another feature that a desk skirt offers is its mesh pockets that provide additional storage space for other supplies. It usually comes in black to give your desk more coverage and privacy, while also making it blend into most home and office environments.

Similar to under desk trays, table skirts are also installed using screws to keep them in place.

6. Zip Wire Ties and Velcro Cable Ties

Zip ties and Velcro cable ties are among the simplest and most affordable cable management accessories you can find. While they might not hide your cables, they can certainly keep them neatly bundled.

Zip wire ties have a strong locking mechanism that is difficult to untie or loosen. This characteristic makes this option ideal for large and stationary cables like those for your sound system or power connections. 

Velcro cable ties are quite the opposite since they are easier to readjust and remove. Still, this accessory also can secure multiple cables at once and keep them out of the way.

7. Clips and Holders

Cable clips and holders are another easy yet effective way you can keep your TV and desk space free of messy cords. Clips allow you to adhere your cords to your desk, wall, or even ceiling to keep them out of the way. They are ideal for stationary lines like ethernet cables or power cords.

On the other hand, holders offer a convenient way for you to prevent your cables from slipping off your desk. This organizer comes either in individual pieces or a long bar with slots to hold multiple cords.

8. Cable Chains

If you’re using a standing desk, your best bet to organize it is using a cable chain. It is similar to a cable tube and sleeve, with the difference being in the components used for them. Cable tubes and sleeves are made with flexible materials while cable chains are made from sturdier plastic.

To use a cable chain, you can run it along one of the legs of your desk to keep the cords protected and ensure that they are properly hidden. Some variants may require you to squeeze the cables into each link of the structure to keep them in place.

Finding the Right Cable Management Accessory

Keeping your cables organized can save you precious time from searching for and untangling loose cords. It also makes it easier for you to resolve any technical issues and can even enhance the performance of your equipment.

When looking for the best way to tidy up your TV or desk space, consider the number of cords that you need to hide or bundle up. Knowing the length and location of your cables are also things you need to keep in mind.

You can also use the types of cable management accessories listed above to guide you in finding the right solution for cleaning up your entertainment space or workstation.

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