7 Ways Content Audits Can Increase Revenue

The role of content in eCommerce businesses is vital and it continues to be one of the key elements to succeed. It continues to grow in importance as it is one of the best ways to stay different from your competitors. You can hardly find an eCommerce marketing agency that does not use content marketing strategies in their marketing goals. However, not every type of content can bring success. You should have relevant and qualified content for building trust and ranking high in search engines. It is also an inseparable part of SEO. To generalize, we can say that content:

If you want to have the results you want, you need to use a website content audit tool in your strategies. With the help of it, you can analyze strengths and weaknesses, important content elements as well discover new opportunities in your strategies that will bring more traffic and sales to your business. Let us see how:

1.    Removing internal links to deleted pages

 Auditing your internal links is critically important for not only for SEO but also the conversion rate. It gives search engines idea about the structure of your website. In order not to frustrate your visitors you need to put a great emphasis on this. Otherwise, your visitors will leave your website, as they will fail to find what they want.

2.    Identifying ways for improving SEO

A content audit is an indivisible part of having quality and ranking, in a word it helps SEO. Through its tactics your content will perform well, that is the reason running a content audit is very important. This powerful strategy identifies and stops every single element that can harm your SEO ranking, as well discovers the best topics that can be ideal for searcher intent. If it is not new content, you can audit the existing ones to improve your website quality and boost your ranking.

3.    Discovering the best content type for your audience

Content audit helps to better understand which content can bring you profit. Finding out the type that best suits your business goal, you can easily update and remove the ones that are not effective for your sales. It will help to figure out the best performing lead generation content.

 4. Improving and updating your current content

You can assess your content and after it makes some actions to make improvement. You can make parallels between your goals and analysis. After it, you can make changes including new best practices, tips and details for boosting sales. Based on it you can, later on, shape your future actions.

 5. Discovering the best content for search engines

Search engines give a priority to the websites who “promise” the best user experience. Content audit helps to discover the most efficient content types that will matter in your search. The higher you rank the more traffic you will gain which means sales and revenue.

6. Covering important questions

While creating content eCommerce marketing agencies create it based on their goals. However, if they pay a little attention to their past analysis (including social shares, conversions, sales), they will surely bring the business more revenue. You can have a look at important questions it covers at that very moment you start your content journey.

 7. Finding out new marketing opportunities.

 Assessing your content through this tool enables you to evaluate and discover new content marketing strategies. The strategies you implement will help to build a better relationship with your targeted audience and reach them in innovative ways. Assessing your content will give you a better idea if your content is relevant and what kind of creative approaches to implement.

 With the help of a content audit, you can now create a website that will fully cover the needs of your customers. The process can seem a little long and boring, however, the improvement of your website content is critically important for your business growth, traffic, and revenue. Your content can sometimes be a more powerful marketing tool than any type of eCommerce advertising. Ecommerce digital agencies value the role of content marketing, as it directly or indirectly promotes your brand.

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