7 Undeniable Proof That You Need A/B Testing

It is only natural that organizations have started noting the effects of A/B Testing. Such has been the impact that it is undeniably one of the most important breakthroughs if you are looking to capture your customer’s attention and increase your conversion rate in the digital world. Marketers have identified this tool for long but have started making the correct implementation only in recent times. Because of the cutthroat competition organizations have to keep coming up with solutions that are user-friendly as well as cost-effective and A/B Testing in one important method of getting it right if you ever wanted to do so.

However, it cannot be undermined that AB Testing is here to stay and there are significant reasons why you may be needing AB Testing now more than ever.

Let us understand what is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing is a marketing strategy that involves testing one design with an alternate design to see which of the two performs better and helps improve optimization. The alternate version is often referred to as “variation” while the original design is referred or commonly known as “control”. It is used to improve web pages, ads, keywords, emails, and customer user interface to increase customer convenience as well as the conversion rate.

7 Undeniable Proof That You Need A/B Testing

What can you test by using A/B Testing?

While now that we know what AB Testing does, we need to determine what can be tested as randomly testing everything will lead to a waste of time. Additionally, it is good to have an idea of the testable elements to get an actual increase in conversion rate. Some of the elements that constantly used by marketers involve testing the following:

  • Call to action
  • Page Layout
  • Videos or gif
  • Trust indicators
  • Headlines
  • Lead capture from the length
  • Usage of Keywords

A website contains a number of information that can make customers confused or sometimes even bored. AB Testing helps isolate some important elements into keywords that customers may be looking at or want to see. This increases the turnover ratio as well as the likelihood of a customer visiting the webpage again. For e.g., most businesses look at free trial as a method to understand the product and test out whether it is suitable for them or not. Hence, having a button dedicated to free trial has seen a number of companies increase their conversion rate.

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Meeting your Expectations

It is impossible to put a marker that a particular method or testing can yield a definite return on investment and AB Testing is no different. It is used to optimize the webpage and make it more relevant but it is not the be all and end all of everything you see. Your expectations have to be in line with your marketing strategy, hypothesis and guesswork.

Conversion Rate

Increase in conversion rate is often the target point of AB Testing. Hence, it is significantly important to test one thing at a time and not do a series of testing altogether. Another important element is the fact that your tests will only yield results if they are done with a clear strategy in mind and it can vary either bringing in more visitors to the page or increasing the percentage of conversion rate from the existing visitors.

Driving Traffic

Any organization that is looking to sell first have to drive the traffic to their website. AB Testing helps them achieve that by making use of the correct keywords in ads that can bring in the potential customers. Also, making use of a simpler interface with the right ads that people might be interested in will also help them make a quicker decision. Hence, it is important to ensure that all the links in ads, drive the traffic to the right place and that the webpage or the application looks exactly the same on every browser.

Eliminate Variables that can Alter your Reliability or Validity

Once you have generated enough traffic to your website or application you have attained a reliable result but with the help of AB Testing you can figure out if your experiment measure what it is meant to measure. Failing to control these factors can give you a false result that can alternately impact the whole purpose of performing the tests. Therefore, it is important to eliminate any confounding variables that can change the reliability or the validity of the tests.

The Longer the AB Testing is Allowed to run for, the Accurate the Results can be

Different marketers will give you different timeframes for AB Testing to be run that can vary anything between two or three weeks to a few months. However, it is noted that the longer you allow AB Testing for, the accurate your results turn out to be. It will happen sometimes that the conversion rates will improve significantly and that would lead to an illusion that AB Testing has reached its potential. But in truth testing has to be continuous and performed for as long as you can in order to keep finding new methods to improve your conversion rate.

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Because change is the name of the game

You must have seen that a number of companies keep updating their apps or webpages from time to time. Sometimes the changes can be as basic as the change in color and you may wonder why? The reason sometimes it to refresh the look or the way people see your website or application. You might be using the same color and a new color might tempt them to sometimes click on it to find out exactly how it looks or what it does. Besides a human mind is always likelier to get more attracted to a change in color or style.

A/B Testing, in a nutshell, is an approach to test mindset.

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