7 Signs it’s Time to Redesign Your Online Store in 2020

A website plays an important role in every business whether it is a new startup or old. It is the only way that represents your company, what are your services, products, and objectives. It also helps you to represents your business online. According to research, 50% of visitors judge by a website design that your organization is credible or not. If you want to build your brand reputation and achieve online success then update your website regularly is very essential. 

In terms of digital marketing, an updated website boosts consumer’s confidence and builds trust that you are the best and most alive company to cater to their needs and requirements. In this competitive era, every person comes up with new designs, the latest achievement, and strategies. So, if you want to establish your business ahead from your competitors then you need to update or redesign your online store with the latest coming feature.

There are mainly three things that help you build a brand reputation. This includes:

  • Easy to find
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Eye-catching

But when you ignore all these aspects, you are starting to lose your website online presence, online organic traffic, sales, etc. 

So here are some Signs are considered below that indicates you need to redesign your website:

Let’s Have a Look!

1. Your Website Has a High Bounce Rate:

For visitors or users, time is very crucial. In terms of the website, if your website is not open up in a few seconds then it considers a high bounce rate. It means if you experience that your website is difficult to navigate then it indicates that you need to redesign your website. It directly leads to poor user experience. If you visitor visit on your website and unable to navigate or have a bad user experience, they may leave from your site and cause an increase in your bounce rate.

2. Take Much Time To Load:

In this fast time, everyone wants fast things. So, if you want to convert more conversion, it is very essential to test the speed of your website loading time. If you experience that your website takes 5 seconds to load then you should update your site as soon as possible. Moreover, there are a lot of people left the website and switch to another one due to this reason. 

3. Website Structure:

As you talk about the old website, you may experience that these websites are very tough to use because of their navigation isn’t necessarily intuitive. Most people left those websites that are very difficult to use. If your website is created by older techniques and tough language then you need to update your site to boost the user experience. 

Let’s have an example of Good site structure:

4. Inaccurate and Useless Content:

In this competitive age, if you want to go ahead from your competitor then the content is the key to your success. But if your website has inaccurate and non-fresh content, your website will struggle to attract the targeted audience. As per SEO Company, to attract more customers towards your brand and services you need to create fresh content and add four to five pages per month. It also increases the site exposure in the search engine as well as improves the quality of life.

5. Lack of On-page SEO:

Your website ranking plays an important role in building your brand reputation. And to rank your website in the search engine such as Google, Bing, yahoo you need to boost your On-page SEO search engine optimization. If your website has lack of On-page SEO, you need to redesign your website with all these basic points such as:

  • Unique Meta descriptions
  • A single H1 tag on each page with one heading title
  • Page URLs formatted with relevant keywords
  • Internal links to other pages
  • Images optimized with a relevant file name and alt text attribute

6. Non- Mobile friendly Website:

Nowadays, no one has enough time to open up a laptop or computer to browse any products and services. They directly open up websites on their Mobile phones. But if your website is not working properly or mobile-friendly then the users may abandon it. Due to this, you need to redesign your website. You can easily update your website with the latest responsive designs that are easily compatible with mobile devices.  

7. Too Much Technical Problems:

If the company website gives you nightmares, by making you call the developer frequently, then it is time to update your website so, that it perfectly supports the new functionality. Too many technical problems badly impact the visitor and decrease your brand reputation.

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