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6 Tips for a Perfect Technology Sales Quote and Proposal

Perfect Technology Sales Quote and Proposal

The world of technology has adopted and integrated business practices quite well. Well enough that, these days, it’s one of the most competitive industries. Now, the problem isn’t about your options; it’s about who you can impress. 

Which is what brings us to the topic at hand. Your company’s sales quotes and proposals are often the first time you’re able to demonstrate your professional expertise.

You might think that how a potential partner sees you isn’t as important as the deal itself. After all, it’s all about the money, right? We’re here to tell you that it’s one of the factors that will close the deal. 

That’s why we’ve compiled 6 tips for perfect sales quotes and proposals. Integrate these tips into your workflow and you’ll have an easier time improving your numbers. 

6 Tips for a Perfect Sales Quote or Proposal

1. Make the first impression count

As we mentioned, how the potential venture partners see you will factor in and this includes making a good first impression.

Some people might feel that first impressions only count when you meet them in person. This may have been true before but, these days, the digital platform has taken over. This has been made even more evident during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Also, keep this in mind even when prior emails may have been sent to establish contact. Your submission will still be the first time they get to interact with you in a more professional setting. 

Make sure you are able to keep things as clean and consistent as possible. Also, be sure to inject some creativity and personality in the middle; broaden your image.

2. Describe yourself and your company

Take the opportunity to tell your client more of who you are. It means telling them of yours and your company’s vision

It’s the perfect chance to talk about your successes as well. Describe them in a way that is factual and informative; how previous success could translate into future success with the client.  

Some things you could mention are:
  • Previous job contracts that were successfully completed.
  • Any unique processes that your company uses.
  • Any awards or recognitions given by a credible body.

Adding these points will support any claims you made when you talked about your vision. Having your achievements shown to be consistent with your goals will go a long way with leaving an excellent first impression.  

3. Testimonials go a long way

Use these testimonials as a form of track record. The best part is, this isn’t you making the claims; it’s other companies talking about your success. 

This can only be beneficial for you and your team. The testimonial section of your paper will act as votes of confidence. It’s similar to how your previous bosses may have offered referral letters. This builds on your credibility as a business.

Remember that part of this whole process is giving potential partners a reason to choose you. The kind of reason will matter as well. With credibility, you’ve got a stronger base to work from.

This credibility might be what convinces any of your potential partners to work with you. Don’t miss out on that chance. 

4. Be quick with your submissions

One of the most effective ways to show how professional you are is by being diligent and timely with submissions. This means you can consistently pump out high-quality proposals.

I know what you might be thinking. How can speeding up the process be effective when quality might be sacrificed? Automation in marketing processes is seen as one of the most important aspects to adopt.

The thing is, there are already a myriad of options to speed up the process. Proposal automation has been around for a while and has made an effective change in approach. This means you can devote more time to quality production.

This is thanks to the features included on these platforms. From productivity-inclined workspaces to intuitive team features; efficiency is the goal. The days of doing everything manually are over. 

5. Don’t rely on pure text

Words are reliable in the sense that, as long as we know what we’re talking about, we can use them to describe anything. The thing is, not everyone appreciates staring at a wall of text.

Make it easier for the person reading a proposal by inserting graphs and pictures. The graphs will help them visualize any data you might present. Any relevant pictures can be used to elicit a more personal response from the reader. 

It’s as simple as that. This might mean more analysis from your team. It’s work well worth the wait. 

Some ways you can use multimedia are:

  • Gantt charts to depict proposed timeline and workflow
  • Excel sheets to depict possible financial tables. 
  • Pictures of previous projects if a visual cue is needed
  • Pictures of you and your team to add personality

Additionally, online submissions will only add to your options with the possibility of adding videos and interactive components; depending on the formality of the project. 

6. Proofread everything

If you think the work is done after compiling the documents, you’d be wrong. There’s a reason why this practice has remained the same with journalists. 

Proofreading ensures consistency and accuracy once everything is put together. That’s because you want to make sure everything makes sense when read together. 

Proofread documents whenever possible. This doesn’t mean you don’t trust your employees. Rather, you want to make sure that their skills are properly utilized to seamlessly blend together. This guarantees quality. 

It tends to be a time-consuming job, yes. We’re not exaggerating though when we say that this could make or break a deal. After all, one small mistake might spell disaster. Mitigate those chances by doing a read-through of anything you submit.



Now, we understand that each client will have certain specifications. By that, we mean there is no actual “perfect” proposal or sales quote. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to make it as perfect as you can. 

For the most part, it takes a lot of work. I mean, except for the automation tip, a lot of these tips necessitate a little more effort. 

That effort will go a long way when you look at the larger scope of things. And that’s thanks to the detail you put into each of your submissions. 

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