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6 Phenomenal Benefits of Electric Muscle Stimulation

electric stimulation

If you’ve had any muscle-related issues and are have done any sort of research on how to tackle them, you’ve probably heard of electric muscle stimulation. The type of impulses an EMS unit sends can provide your muscles and your entire body with is a long list of advantages, some of which you might not even be aware of. Here are six noteworthy benefits of electric muscle stimulation.

Cramp Relief

Experiencing cramps frequently can disrupt your life to the point that you can’t sleep or function normally on a daily basis. This is why people who have this problem often turn to EMS to reduce the severity, as well as the frequency of their cramps. Whether you have muscle spasms in your legs and arms, or you’re bothered with menstrual cramps month after month, you should give an EMS unit a try and minimize your problem to the best of your abilities. This can make you more comfortable in everyday situations, it can improve your sleep and, if you’re an athlete, prevent cramps from interrupting your practice sessions and, even worse, holding you back while you’re competing.

Weight Loss

Aside from being useful to athletes, EMS can also help those who don’t engage in enough physical exercise and, because of it, may even have gained weight and want to lose it. Namely, if you don’t have enough stamina or muscle strength to work out, you can benefit from EMS sessions, as it activates your muscles, so that your body exercises without the usual strain or full body movement. Plus, when you’re using an EMS unit while doing your exercises, you’re able to achieve your workout goals quicker and with less effort. The best way to do that is to go to a reliable EMS studio, where you can reduce the cellulite deposits from your back, waist and hips and lose weight under the supervision of trained instructors. This can save you time and give you more significant results.

Faster Recovery from Injury

In case you’ve suffered an injury and you’re struggling with pain, EMS can help you by speeding up the recovery process. While none of us want to feel pain longer than we have to, this is particularly important for athletes, who can’t really afford to take as much time to heal than the rest of us. Using EMS on larger muscle groups encourages regeneration, as it enhances circulation and may reduce muscle soreness. Good circulation throughout your entire body can allow a person to heal more effectively and more thoroughly, which means that you could feel better and get back to any of your usual activities faster.

Blood Clot Prevention

When your blood flow is compromised and lower than normal for whatever reason, there’s a risk of blood clot formation in your blood vessels. Blood clots are extremely dangerous and can even be fatal, as they move through your blood stream and can get stuck, causing an obstruction. This means that you blood can’t pass freely through your veins and reach some of your organs anymore, which can lead to such conditions as heart attack or stroke. EMS can limit the chances of this happening by advancing your blood flow. A blood clot can form in different situations, some of which are continuing bedrest after some sort of injury or surgical procedure, but also something as simple as sitting for a long time, like you do when you’re on a long-distance trip, and EMS can be quite helpful in regulating your blood flow in that sort of cases.

Posture Correction

Your posture is highly dependent on how strong or developed some of your muscles are. This includes a whole range of muscle groups in your back, pelvis and abdomen, also known as core stability muscles. These are basically the muscles that keep you upright, and when they lose their efficiency, your body loses its stability and you need to work as hard as necessary to restore and strengthen them so that they can support your body. EMS can aid you in recovering your muscle health and firmness, especially if you combine it with an exercise regimen, preferably under professional supervision. What makes EMS effective in these situations is that it can focus on the precise muscle groups in the areas that are problematic for you, which can potentially eliminate any of your posture-related complications.

Stronger Metabolism

Building your body mass can improve your physical well-being, since skeletal muscle regulates metabolism. So, by applying EMS to your own muscles, you’re promoting their growth, which also means that you’re boosting your metabolism. This is a vital piece of information for people of all ages, but especially the elderly. As they age, people tend to engage in less physical activity, which can lead to a reduction in skeletal muscle mass, bodily weakness and even disability. This can be avoided or at least postponed by timely use of EMS and exercising more persistently. And with an enhanced metabolism function, it’s also possible to lower the chances of various metabolic disorders.

If you were indecisive about whether or not to try EMS, perhaps now you’ll feel more secure about it and let it provide you with the overall health boost you’re hoping for. With the amazing benefits listed in this article, you’ll know what to expect and will have something to look forward after treating yourself with EMS.

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