6 Best Storage Tips For A Minimal Home In 2020

A minimal space has somewhat been the trend in the past few years. We have seen many people downsize to a smaller and more intimate home. If you plan to live in a smaller space, you should be able to organize your stuff well—a great way to organize than to focus on your storage solutions.

Storage spaces can range from a gun cabinet to your DVD storage. Anything that you do for fun and leisure should not sit around and take up a lot of space. That means you should keep all the Monopoly, Scrabble, and Dominos neatly in a clever board game storage. 

A smart storage idea for a minimal home can cause extra space. The added space may not be huge, but it can make the vibe less compact. It can mean additional room for family bondings or extra personal space. Here are some storage tips that can make your small space feel comfortable and organized

Bookshelf Under Your Bed

Setting up a bookshelf under the bed can be a great way to save space. This storage idea is also a great way to organize your books. The space under your bed only gathers up dust for you to clean again and again. 

Creating a bookshelf under the bed means that you are turning an unused space into a functional one. This idea can mean wonders for your minimal home. The last thing anyone needs for their little space is a pile of books that takes up a lot of space. Stay organized and keep your books in its right storage place.

Not only can a bookshelf under the bed save space, but it can also mean aesthetic touches. Who says that the bookshelf should look dull? There are a lot of bookshelf ideas that can turn the space under the bed into a book lover’s catalog and showcase.

A Multi-function Coffee Table

A coffee table can take up a lot of space. It would be a disaster to put a simple coffee table in a minimal home. By simple, I mean a coffee table that has no other function but to be a coffee table. You can use a multi-function coffee table as DVD storage to organize all your favorite movies.

A coffee table can serve as a smart storage space. A multi-functioning one can serve as a good board game storage, DVDs, jewelry, and so much more.  

Cabinets Under The Stairs

The space under the stairs can also turn into a storage space. Again, making use of this area means that you are making an unused space into a functional one. This idea allows you to be efficient and add more storage for your minimal home.

You can set up this space as additional storage cabinets. The more extended cabinets from the higher stairs can serve as closet space. This space can also turn into a practical gun cabinet where you can neatly store your possessions. You can even store instruments or sports equipment. The shorter cabinets from the lower stairs can turn into lockers. These little cabinets can be an excellent place to store knick-knacks.

A Spice Rack That Rolls Behind The Fridge

You cannot stack spices on top of each other. What ends up happening is that these spices end up cluttered on the kitchen counter. The last thing you need is for a bunch of spices to take up space where you eat or prepare food.

Setting up a rolling spice rack means that you can find a smart way to store your spices. That is assuming if you have a lot of spices to begin with. If you love cooking, this clever storage idea can be the clever kitchen hack that you might need.

Mirror With Concealed Shelving

A mirror that has hidden shelves behind it can be a great space saver. This storage idea allows the mirror to have double functions. On the one hand, you get to have a mirror, and on another, you get to have space to store your cosmetics, health aids, etc.

The important thing about a mirror with hidden shelving is that it keeps you organized. Do not worry about your cosmetics and beauty stuff lying around random places. You can use all of them and put them back in their own dedicated space.

Turn Any Open Wall Into A Storage Space

No, you do not have to drill any holes to make cabinets out of your walls. Turning an open wall into a storage space can be as simple as mounting a wood with hooks on it. You can then use the hooks to hang your kitchenware, frying pans, and more.

You can save up more space by hanging your kitchenware than stacking them all up on your counter. The counter should be a full-time counter where you cook and prepare your food. The last thing anyone cooking wants is a bunch of kitchenware that takes up space.

Look Separate Storage

Even when you do everything to save space, you will always be limited by the original square footage. It is especially true for expensive neighbourhoods in even more expensive cities like Crawley, London. You can’t exactly conjure up space where it doesn’t exist. Instead, look for separate storage in Crawley to keep your bulky, nonessential items. By doing so, you can have a more spacious home—one where the previous tips will work like a charm.    


Storage spaces can help anyone stay organized. It can also give minimal homes what they desperately need, and that is additional space. Even with a little added space, anyone can feel more comfortable. You do not have to feel cramped up in your minimal home with these helpful tips you will surely find useful. 

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