6 Best Social Media Marketing Tools that Experts Recommend

Social media transforms the way brands market themselves. Social media has changed things in a big way. Different new platforms have come into picture which has transformed the way we communicate. Such changes affect both- how brands promote the messages, as well as how the fans respond to them.

With such new platforms, comes a few new tools which help social media marketers to engage themselves with the potential audience in more creative ways, also to keep track of their efforts. To stay in touch with latest trends in the world of social media, it’s the time to review, as well as update the toolset, keeping in mind as to which tools to stay, and which tools we need to let go of so that we can enhance the output of our social media efforts.

In this post, I am sharing some top social media tools, which every marketer should be using for now. If you are looking for tool which can help you grow your followers faster then have a look at truelysocial smm panel.

Cut the Crap: Here are the 6 Best SMM Tools

1.      Social Clout

It’s easy to share content to gather likes on your posts. This fact that it’s quite addictive is a no-brainer. But, to understand engagement metrics, we need to look past the basics, the likes and need to focus on metrics that matter.

This is where the Social Clout tool comes into the picture. This social media analytics tool is designed to track post engagements and thus calculate social media Return On Investment (ROI). Social Clout shows you the places and demographics, which has got the best engagements. Also, it shows which platforms convert the best, at what times. So, it’s a convenient and useful tool for social media marketers.

2.      Buffer

This social media scheduling tool comes with a clean interface and simple analytics feature. It surpasses Hootsuite by a little margin to become my most favourite tool. With this tool, you can share content across various accounts, from one central dashboard.

It also comes with a Chrome extension which makes it easier to share posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and also on LinkedIn simultaneously. This tool has some fresh social media guides and case studies which can be found on its blog, which in itself is a great place to start with if you are a newbie in social media marketing.

3.      Feedly

You can put your content ideation on autopilot, with the help of Feedly. To set up Feedly, add the RSS Feeds of blogs and writers of your choice, and then Feedly will create a daily magazine with all the contents, self-organized by topics. Also, Feedly is an excellent way to know the information about which niche influencers are talking about, and you can join the conversation to stay updated with the latest industry trends in your field of interest. This was staying up to date with the most recent events will help you make your content strategy and social media posting schedule.

One great thing about this app is that it can be integrated with scheduling tools like Buffer, by which you can share and schedule posts directly from within the dashboard. Generally, Feedly saves hours of time and energy combing through social media posts in search of good content.

4.    Canva

This tool is built specifically for non-designers, who face difficulty in choosing and editing photos for their blogs. It is one of my favourite tool for the creation of stunning images for social media tools. By this tool, even a newbie can create stunning and exciting blog posts. The features like multiple templates, fonts and colours make it stand apart in a crowd of other tools available out there. You need to drag and drop image elements present there. 

Canva, is free to use the tool. It is affordable; many significant websites use Canva to create images for their posts. 

5.      Socedo

The campaigns of Social media have many moving pieces, and if you want them to be successful, you need to work them out together. So, Socedo is a B2B demand generation tool which does most of the grunt work, so you don’t have to do them. It automates lead generation, along with acquiring targeted leads through various social media channels. Thus, you can focus more on increasing ROI, without boggling your mind into repetitive tasks.

6.      Edgar

The fact is valid- Old posts have high engagement when shared. Period.

Re-sharing content proves to be an excellent way to showcase your best stuff to new followers. Also, note that even most loyal fans aren’t online all the time. Thus, regular sharing is a way to engage with your beloved audience at different times, all the time.

But, it’s not easy to know the best schedule for new and old content. Edgar helps you with this. It shares your content at times when it’s most likely to engage with your audience. This tool categorizes all of your content by demographics and target topics, deciding as to when to share the post.

Not only this. After sharing the update, this tool recycles the post to the bottom of the queue, to post it later when all of the remaining content has been shared. Thus, resulting in an endless supply of social media posts, without the need for lifting your finger.


There are thousands of tools available to help streamline social media campaigns. But, it is essential to select the right ones, rather than bogging down with decision anxiety. The tools which I have shared in this post handle the 80/20 of social media marketing, so you must have to try these tools to see the difference that they make by yourself. 

So, waste no more time. Head out to use these tools to boost audience engagement and bring in more ROI for your blog or business. It’s easy and straightforward.

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