5 Winter Fashion Trends You Need to Hop On

Many women enjoy autumn and winter because of the cool, crisp air and the chance to layer some amazing fashion pieces with various textures. Some incredible winter fashion trends are starting to pick up speed. All it takes are a few gorgeous garments and accessories to transform your wardrobe. Here are our shopping experts’ favorite winter trends to get a move on now.

Setting The Mood

The trends this winter are definite “mood lifters,” say the style pros at Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. There are fashion items that catch the eye, offer bold, new energy, and give you a darn good reason to step outside, and get back to enjoying a normal lifestyle.

1. The Color Orange

To turn up the fashion vibe, the shade of orange is continuing its dominance throughout the year. It’s not just for those tropical days and nights during summer. The bright, bubbly hue is being seen everywhere from leather coats to pretty dresses, handbags, and shoes.

Think of orange as being a season-less classic. It’s bold and beautiful and just one accessory, for instance, can add excitement to any ensemble. The shade is even popular at the moment in hair color and makeup.

If you would prefer another hot shade for winter, then, try on something yellow or pink. Those are the next two, big hues for the fall/winter style season. Don’t be shy, ladies.

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2. A Cool Jacket

Let’s face it. The jacket is one of the most versatile garments in anyone’s closet and a true wardrobe staple. Our fashion spies are recommending a glamorous bomber jacket for the ultimate in women’s outerwear.

The bomber jacket is a timeless piece that is flattering on all shapes and sizes and comes in a wide range of fabrics and weights. The style can be worn to the office with a skirt or pants or hanging out in jeans and a tee-shirt or sweats, etc.

3. Apres Ski-Wear

Here’s another trend for those cold, snowy days and nights that deliver a cozy, stylish vibe.

Apres ski-wear is a great way to look chic with a take on pretty patterned knits, protective goggles, furry ski boots, puffer jackets, and more.

Check out Miu Miu’s winter wonderland collection of apres ski-wear to understand. You’ll see tons of fleece, quilted layers, and even high-waisted ski flare pants.

No, you don’t have to be a skier to get in on the athleisure trend.

4. A Knitted Hood

The wool beanie is one of those winter classics that look cute on any head but step aside.

The knitted hood is one of winter’s newest trends. Not only will you keep your head and ears covered and warm, but you can also hide a bad winter hair day.

Top designers such as Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Celine, Stella McCartney, and Givenchy sent their models down the runway wearing attractive, knitted hoods and/or the timeless, balaclava style.

A knitted hood is not only toasty but can also allow you to walk about looking incognito and super stylish.

5. Cold Weather Cut-Outs

We know, you’re thinking that cute or sexy clothing with cut-outs is fine for spring and summer but then, put back into the closet after that.

Not so fast, friends, because cut-outs are also staying along for the ride throughout winter.

The glam peekaboo style can still work during those colder temperatures. Designers like Michael Kors and Mugler were showing the trend off on the runway. Consider a long sleeve top with a couple of cut-outs at the decollete and shoulders. or how about a jumpsuit looking sleek with a few cut-outs at the waist and hips.

It’s chic and polished and never vulgar. For example, Stella McCartney has a popular black, long sleeve, knit midi dress with two, thin cut-outs right at the shoulders.

The beauty of fashion is in its abundance, variety, and creative passion. You don’t have to stock up on every trend, but you can make these five, stylish ideas work for you in your way. Style is personal and individual, and we can all develop a signature look. Be daring, have fun, and wear it well!

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