5 Ways to Improve Your Mass Texting Strategy for Businesses

While mass texting is remarkably effective because it directly hits your recipients’ attention with a ding of the phone, care still needs to be given in crafting the message so that the recipient doesn’t just read the text, but actually pays attention to the message instead.

Mass text messaging is one of the cheapest ways to reach your customers, but it is money wasted if you’re not taking the time to employ the proper resources to ensure your business’s message is creative, unique, and enticing.

Here Are 5 Methods You Can Use To Improve Your Business’s Mass Texting Strategy

1. Short and Sweet – Think about what you want to say, then strip away all of the non-essentials. Now that you have an idea of what you want your message to say, form it in the most creative way possible. Make sure in your effort to be creative that your message isn’t lost. No poetry needed, just a little creativity.

2. Less is Truly More – Let’s be honest, most of us have no patience for filler. We want to know what we’re going to get out of reading your text. If the reader has to sift through the clutter to get the reward, they may be less likely to open the next text you send.

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3. Don’t Repeat Yourself – If you don’t have anything new to say, don’t say it. The last thing anyone wants to receive is a message they’ve already seen before. The quickest way to end up on the opt-out list is by wasting your recipient’s time with a duplicate message.

4. There are Optimal Times to Send – Much of mass business text messaging is about timing. Think about when you would most want your recipient to be aware of something. Is it something best conveyed in the evening when most people are relaxed? Or, is it something they’d want to know while they are out and about during the day so they can take immediate advantage of your goods or services?

5. Don’t Spam – If, for some reason, your goal is to annoy your recipients, spam away. Otherwise, don’t blow up their phones with needless texts containing useless information. Texts should be reserved for the highly persuasive messages, no more than once a week. Be clear, concise, creative, and straight to the point with your texts, and send them with conservative frequency.

It’s true that mass texting campaigns experience four times the open rate compared to traditional e-mail campaigns. For that reason, and because it’s so affordable and easy to execute, mass texting has become very popular. Smaller companies find it an efficient way to get the word out. But if it’s not done right, it will fall on deaf ears and damage your brand.

| About the Guest Author:

Ron Kinkade is the Director of Marketing at Call-Em-All, an automated calling and group texting company that provides solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations, membership organizations, community groups, and individuals

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