5 Ways to Improve You Business Shipping Process

No customer wants to receive their parcels one week after the due date. While shopping, customers choose the type of delivery they prefer, and they expect you to keep your promises.

If the shipping policy states same-day delivery, the item must be delivered the same day. Not only that, but they also expect their deliveries to arrive safely with no damage. If you are struggling to keep your customers happy, the following five tips are for you.

Simplify The Documentation Process

For an outstanding delivery performance, you should streamline your shipping process to make it simple. There’s no need to use so many apps and intricate systems that may end up confusing your clients. Instead, use a website and single app with a user-friendly interface to help your clients and employees fill in the parcel details faster.

The website or the app should capture the client’s details such as name, phone number, address, etc., and the parcel details such as what the parcel is, its weight, and physical condition, among others. You must also include the address/phone number of the recipient and where the package is to be collected.

Use Technology Where Necessary

To improve your shipping process, use technology as much as possible. Technology can help you locate items in the warehouse faster and even help you know which item is almost running out so you can re-stock. This can be made possible by using wireless scanners and barcode scanners.

Technology will also help you and your customers track the movement of shipped items. You can keep in touch with the courier company to get to know where the things are.

Using technology, you can reduce the number of employees and eliminate paperwork. This will also reduce errors that are caused by humans. Having just a few people to work with makes things more efficient and keeps costs low.

Keep Close Contact With The Warehouse Manager

Fast communication between you and your warehouse manager can help improve the speed of delivery. Processing an order should not take longer than a few minutes, if possible, seconds.

You should also keep in touch with your supplier to always maintain a reasonable stock level. Always use phone calls to make things work faster. Some people are not keen on checking their emails regularly, and this may delay the responses that are needed urgently.

Offer The Best Customer Experience

When customers have entrusted you with their money, it is best to save them from the anxiety of waiting for their deliveries. Ensure you inform them each step taken towards ensuring the parcels reach them. You can have a competent customer service department to deal with all customer queries professionally.

You can also use the company’s website to help customers track their goods. In case you cannot deliver as promised, let the customer know in good time. Explain the reasons and offer an apology. To improve your customer service, teach all your employees to treat customers professionally and with dignity. Be willing to offer refunds or replacements to customers who are not satisfied for one reason or the other. The refund.replacement should also be done fast to build trust.

Choose The Best Courier Company

Whether you are interested in sea freight or inland transportation, choosing the right courier company is the best way to improve your business shipping process. You may be willing to keep your promises to your customer, but a courier company can let you down. Additionally, if you’re looking at transporting a large number of goods, CBOX Sydney highly suggests renting or purchasing a shipping container to make sure the wares are properly safeguarded.

What do you need to look out for in a courier company? First is the delivery type. Is the company able to deliver all kinds of parcels you are dealing with?

You also need to find out the security measures put in place by the company. Are they able to deliver the parcels to your customers without losing them along the way? What about speed? Can the package reach the customer at the required place at the right time? Another thing you need to consider is the company’s reliability, not forgetting the cost and ease of doing business.

There are many shipping companies out there that you are competing against. By offering a transparent, reliable, and efficient service, you’ll stand tall among your peers. Following the above tips is the surest way of achieving this feat. Eliminate any bureaucracies in your shipping process to make it as simple as possible. Remember, one disgruntled customer can bring your company down.

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