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5 Ways to Hack the Affiliate Marketing Game

Hack the Affiliate Marketing Game

Are you a budding affiliate marketer looking to step up your game and gain access to new clients? If so, you’ve likely been looking at competitors, scoping out your niche, and preparing your game plans. But whether you think you’re ready to go or you want more time, there are always ways to up your play. 

Here are five ways to hack the affiliate marketing game.

1. Use Smartlinks

A lesser-known technique that master affiliate marketers utilize is smartlinks. A smartlink for affiliate content uses individual web browsing activity to send specific links to the user. The method uses various data points to send people to particular sites, including:

  • Geographical location
  • Specific device used
  • Language used

With the algorithm, the traffic you garner for affiliates will end in more positive sales than before. Your website will continue to grow the more that your partners make. 

2. Master One Traffic Source at a Time

In the world of affiliate marketing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. When you do a bit of research, you’ll realize that you can find traffic on a plethora of channels. The projected numbers are large and enticing, especially if you primarily want revenue through your site. However, don’t jump on every channel at once. 

The more sources you have to organize and manage to get traffic, the more work you’re doing. Start small and build from there. For example, promote your website on Instagram, get into a rhythm, and perfect the method. Then, you can move onto other sources. 

Each traffic source requires specific and unique campaigns to pull audience members. Slow and steady will give you the most success. 

3. Compile and Organize an Email List

Emails remain one of the top affiliate marketing assets. Though the internet and technology have improved massively since the beginning, you’ll gain the most initial traffic through email campaigning. 

Apps, social media accounts, and other info are essential. However, their usefulness comes after your initial period of growth through email. 

When you have subscribers, you can send information, product launches, and other content directly to their emails. In turn, individuals are more likely to click on your links and either browse your site or buy your products. 

4. Get Audience Feedback 

Whether you write articles or you make products, you want to keep in touch with your audience. As an affiliate, you act as the bridge between readers/customers and your partners. 

If your viewers aren’t interested in the products you link to, neither you nor your affiliates will gain any revenue. You need to listen to what people are saying to provide them the products they love. 

For example, if you produce vegan content, you’ll want to partner with vegan or eco-friendly affiliates. Advertising steak delivery would negatively impact your revenue and readership.

5. Make Everything Accessible 

Technology becomes more innovative as the days pass. What’s driving the tech advances are internet users looking to find content relevant to them. Because of this, you want to keep your affiliate marketing strategies tailored to how individuals navigate the web. That’s where voice search comes into your affiliate arsenal. 

Voice search is becoming more popular every day. The technology is evolving and surging towards the front line of internet browsing. Because of this, you’ll want to tailor your affiliate techniques to account for voice search users. 

Don’t Let the World Wide Web Scare You

Affiliate marketing will take a push of energy, focus, and elbow grease to be successful. Don’t let the breadth of the internet freak you out. Dive in! 


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