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5 ways Technology changing the eCommerce

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Technology used to be for a particular group of people. Now it has become part of everyone’s daily lives. If you own a smart phone, which most people do, everything is at your fingertips. You can just imagine something, type it into a browser search and within minutes you have paid for it and it is on its way to you. In some cases it could even arrive the same day. Things are changing fast, which benefits the consumer by giving them choices, but also benefits the brand if they are prepared to invest in being part of this new age of eCommerce.

Mobile Shopping Experiences

Studies carried out show that on average people are checking their phones around 150 times each day, with three hours spent using apps. Brands are aware of this behaviour and have adapted accordingly. Now 70% of brands are integrating mobile apps in their business. There are now well over 2 million apps available.

Ways Technology Is Changing Ecommerce
Two-thirds of web traffic is from apps, so the retailer has no choice than to adapt. But why are the apps so much more popular? Well they are at your fingertips 24 hours a day so you can make a purchase within minutes of deciding you want something. Push notifications allow retailers to tempt buyers with a special offer.

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Video Marketing

Images are just not enough for the consumer anymore. They want to know everything about a product before they buy it. YouTube is full of product reviews, especially when it comes to technology. So even the most technologically phobic people can become experts. Retailers who are not engaging their customers with video will lose out to those who are. Video brings the experience of the product to life, which creates an emotional experience for the viewer, and is more likely to convert to a sale.

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Everyone’s behaviour is analysed to the point that the apps knows what you want before you know you want it. That is what analytics is all about. We all have a pattern of behaviour whether we like it or not, so you can guarantee you will find out about an offer on a product, right around the time you get paid and the weather is just right. It may seem a bit Big Brother, but actually it helps the buyer and the seller to get the results they are both looking for.

Social Media

Facebook – A Marketer’s dream. It must be the most targeted social platform in the world. You can’t do anything on your laptop, tablet or mobile without Facebook knowing about it. Which is great! It enables brands to target the people who have already proved they are interested in the product by searching online. Pinterest and Instagram are also used for researching purchases. The rise of the online Influencer is another way social media has changed things. They have hundreds of thousands of followers who will buy whatever their favourite blogger is wearing on Instagram that day.

Small Business

With the rise of apps such as Shopify and Etsy, the small business owner has a chance to sell their products without the overheads of a big website and marketing budget.The benefit of using Shopify is that it integrates with Pinterest and Amazon. Small businesses are able to make unique and personalized products that the larger retailers are unable to provide.

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