5 Ways SMS Marketing is Good for Small Businesses

SMS is becoming an increasingly crucial component of efficient multichannel marketing as more companies seek to reach mobile consumers. However, since few digital marketing organizations provide SMS as a core service, their clients may lose out on consumer interactions and enhanced ROI.

Organizations erroneously assume that mobile marketing needs a substantial application investment, does not provide personalized, targeted communication, and lacks robust ROI measurement. Access to mobile communications is considerably simpler than commonly believed, and reaching mobile customers is as easy as sending a personalized, targeted text message. The ability to initiate two-way SMS messaging between a corporation and its mobile customers is crucial for brand development in homes throughout the globe, provided that opt-in regulatory requirements safeguard consumer privacy.

Understanding SMS Marketing

Text message marketing is digital marketing that conveys promotions, offers, discounts, confirmations, news, and other pertinent company information to your clients through SMS on their mobile devices.

1. It enables consumers to opt-in

Numerous conventional forms of advertising depend heavily on the law of huge numbers. By broadcasting your marketing message to as many people as possible, you will have a greater chance of reaching potential clients. This sort of advertising necessitates spending money on marketing messages that many customers will forget or ignore.

In contrast, SMS marketing requires users to opt-in. That implies your target audience must opt-in before getting communication about bargains and promotions. Opt-in marketing provides enormous advantages for organizations. One is that the customers who contact your communications are already committed to your brand or product; otherwise, they wouldn’t have subscribed. Another benefit is that you will not spend time or money on uninterested consumers.

2. Provide SMS client support

Customer service is no longer unidirectional, particularly for small business owners.

You may save clients time and effort by responding to their inquiries by text message. Since 88 percent of customers expect a response within 60 minutes, this is an excellent option for business owners to meet demand and improve customer satisfaction.

Live chat is the simplest way to deliver SMS customer support. The sample text message below demonstrates how a client who got a birthday incentive received prompt responses to their inquiries.

3. SMS messages are more personable

SMS marketing is more personal than other communication and marketing channels, such as email. Your company is on par with a user’s friends and family.

You may further personalize your SMS messages by incorporating the recipient’s name and recognizing significant events such as birthdays and anniversaries. As a consequence, this improves your business’s interaction with SMS subscribers.

With the right SMS marketing business or SMS API service, you can even plan your messages to be sent at certain times or days.

4. It may be delivered immediately

SMS marketing appeals to both the marketer and the customer due to its brevity. In contrast to lengthy email campaigns, SMS messages are typically one or two words long and provide a link to a website with further information on the deal. As a result of their brevity, consumers are inclined to read whole communications. SMS messages may also be viewed at the recipient’s leisure, making them less obtrusive than online pop-ups or phone calls.

The shortness of SMS communications also benefits the time-pressed small business owner. And launching an SMS campaign is simple and fast, needing far less planning than conventional advertising.

5. Brand Identification

SMS marketing is excellent for enhancing brand recognition. Implementing successful SMS messaging between companies and mobile device users is an excellent method of attracting and retaining consumers throughout the purchasing process. Considering that people read their text messages numerous times each day, regular messaging might help you remain top-of-mind.

Personal, consistent, reliable communication may help develop customer trust and loyalty. When clients are engaged and loyal to your company, they are more likely to suggest your product or service to a friend, thus increasing brand recognition.


This increases client loyalty

Customers may be used to seeing marketing emails in their inboxes. The novelty of sending tailored material and offers through text message might assist you in establishing a solid relationship with your clients.

Email inboxes are typically separated into primary, social, and promotions tabs, with commercial emails buried in the cluttered promotions tab. There are no such categories for incoming texts on phones. This implies that when you send a client a text message that begins with an advertisement for a loyalty award, they will almost certainly notice it. Suppose the offer is something they find helpful. In that case, you are well on establishing that customer’s confidence, as they will understand that you are only sending them messages with the material they find worthwhile. This may result in them becoming repeat clients.

Ninety percent of the time, clients who get marketing messages open them. No, this figure does not imply that buyers will always open the links in your messages, but it is better than losing your marketing email due to mass deletion or crowded inboxes. This is possibly the most evident advantage of text marketing.

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