5 Ways Medical Marijuana Can Help Relieve Your Anxiety Symptoms

In a survey carried out in 2015, the use of marijuana increased in most states. The number grew by 12% compared to a study done in 2004. This perception was characterized by research done reviewing the medicinal benefit of smoking marijuana. Notably, medical marijuana offered at DigiDrs – an online medical marijuana doctor in New York will alleviate anxiety symptoms.

Anxiety is a mental illness that disrupts your life, making it hard for you to socialize or even engage in small tasks. While there are many conditions associated with having anxiety, the most severe condition is known as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). GAD causes anxiety that can even last for more than six months. Among other symptoms associated with having an anxiety disorder are restlessness, agitation, trouble when concentrating, phobia and irritation when around people. 

To help alleviate such symptoms, certain medications are recommended. Among these medications is medical marijuana. With conclusive evidence, smoking medical marijuana or using its alternatives has dramatically helped to alleviate anxiety symptoms. Cannabis or medical marijuana has two components; tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), which help induce anxiety and reduce anxiety.

Read on to know five ways in which medical marijuana can help relieve your anxiety symptoms;

Help You Get More Sleep

While your body is recommended to get a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep, this is not the same as experiencing an anxiety disorder. Anxiety makes it hard for you to sleep therefore spending hours trying to get some sleep. This causes you to sleep for just a few hours, further worsening your anxiety symptoms. A systematic review was done in individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); smoking medical marijuana demonstrates a 50% reduction in difficulty sleeping. This means that patients with sleeping or lousy sleeping patterns are advised to smoke medical marijuana to help them get more sleep.

Help You Feel Relaxed.

A patient suffering from anxiety disorder finds it difficult to deal even with the simplest tasks. A simple sitting with your family may prove difficult for you to sit through when having an anxiety disorder. It is further characterized by feeling tense or uncomfortable in such situations. However, smoking medical marijuana helps you feel relaxed and less tense. While it is not advisable to smoke medical marijuana before going to work or meetings, it can help alleviate the tense feeling by helping you feel relaxed.

Help You Cope with Pain

Anxiety disorder varies from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). However, when patients suffer from chronic pain, they tend to have anxiety and suffer anxiety-like symptoms. Such a condition makes it difficult for you to carry out simple tasks, therefore feeling as if you are straining. With conclusive research, it has been seen that smoking medical marijuana helps treat and alleviate symptoms associated with pain. It means that for patients having chronic pain, smoking medical marijuana offers a solution in helping you cope with the pain.

Help Ease Stress

A patient suffering from anxiety disorder may experience stress in any argument. A simple view that requires a quick solution may turn out to be a fatal argument when dealing with a patient suffering from an anxiety disorder. The anxiety disorder makes a patient’s emotions skyrocket even in the most straightforward situations. While doctors recommend that you should find the best way to ease stress and to handle such cases, it has been seen that medical marijuana can help alleviate stress. This can be through smoking medical marijuana or using edibles alternatives to help you handle such stressful situations.

Help Prevent Restlessness

Among the most severe symptoms experienced by a patient suffering from an anxiety disorder is restlessness. This condition makes it hard for you to concentrate on simple tasks that you engage in. There is a disruption of concentration and usual calmness in a patient having an anxiety disorder. A simple sitting with your friends will make you prefer to take off simply because you feel restless. However, through conclusive research, smoking medical marijuana has proved beneficial in helping you feel calm and settled despite the situation at hand.

While research conducted shows the medicinal benefit of smoking medical marijuana, you should consult a doctor before using. However, smoking medical marijuana has helped many patients diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or PTSD to battle with anxiety, restlessness, and irritability associated with this disorder. Further, medical marijuana helps regulate a patient’s emotions while improving their functioning in daily tasks overall.

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