5 Virtual Event Ideas to Entertain your Employees

Event planners, HR professionals, and department managers will all attest to the challenges when planning an office event. However, the Covid-19 pandemic that made social distancing necessary for employees’ health has made planning work events even more difficult. Employees still find that Zoom meetings and virtual conferences don’t offer the je ne sais quoi as live in-person events and meetings.

Continue reading to discover ways to make virtual meetings and events more enjoyable. In addition, learn five virtual office event ideas that will entertain and leave employees raving and eager for more.

What Is A Virtual Office Event

The Covid pandemic forced many employees home to work remotely or hybrid. That meant that meetings got dealt with online more than ever. A virtual office event is very similar to a virtual meeting. Everyone meets online in the same meeting room – the computer screen. The difference with virtual events is that entertainment and other features make events that virtual planners use to make the events engaging and enjoyable to employees.

While some hosts of virtual events have the gift of gaining and holding the attention of many, most times, that is not the case. In those events, planning entertainment is vital. Of course, when a company has hundreds of employees, it may be easier to break virtual events down by department so that the online system isn’t overwhelmed.

Some popular virtual office events to entertain employees include:

1. Paint Party

A corporate art or paint party brings staff together for a great time and is also a way to share talent while relaxing at home. Virtual paint parties have become a popular alternative to an in-person social. The best part about paint parties, companies can help a smaller or local art business by having them help out.

Some tips for a great paint party include:

  • Find a vendor
  • Select artwork, paint type, brushes, and isles if needed
  • Select date and time
  • Have vendor package and deliver materials to workers
  • Start on time
  • Have fun and asks employees to share their work

2. Team Trivia

Slowing down and having a good time is always a welcomed departure from the competitiveness and politics of the office. However, if your office has teams that will compete over a sandwich, why not enjoy a virtual trivia match.

Many companies hire corporate entertainment services to host virtual events to ensure that virtual trivia will be a hit. They work to lighten the mood and make sure that the attendees are engaged and enjoy themselves.

3. Hot Sauce Making

Who would have thought that hot sauce making is a skill and something taught virtually that employees would enjoy? As a popular community college course, hot sauce making is a unique way to entertain guests at a virtual event while teaching them tricks of the trade.

In addition to a comprehensive history of hot sauce, participants will understand how the ingredients blend to create the kind of heat that customers like. They’ll get a record of peppers used and how they bring the warmth.

4. Wine Tasting

The word wine sparks joy and interest for many. With the pandemic creating a need for social distancing, several companies offer smaller bottles of wine for virtual wine tasting that is entertaining and educational.

In addition to the live-streaming fun of wine tasting, virtual wine tasting is safer since employees enjoy it in their homes. Depending on your event theme, your company can select wines from all over the world that will entertain and engage employees.

5. Charcuterie Board Making

It’s one thing to see beautiful charcuterie boards on Pinterest or other platforms and another to be making them yourself. That is entirely possible with companies that ship and send all charcuterie boards making supplies to the participants’ homes.

Similar to the paint and wine tasting, the planner will determine the size and ingredients that employees will put together on their boards. Most classes run for 90 minutes, and the average cost is $150 per participant.

One of the best things about the charcuterie board-making class is that participants will use what they learned forever. They will have the skills to create charcuterie masterpieces using a variety of foods.


As you have read, the Covid 19 pandemic shifted the world from a place of in-person meetings to almost everything being virtual. Several seek unique ways to entertain employees and keep them engaged during virtual events. The five virtual events listed above will keep your employees engaged and wanting more.

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