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5 Tips to Secure Your Home from Electrical Hazards

Secure Your Home from Electrical Hazards

Electricity is undoubtedly one of the best inventions in the history of humankind. It keeps our homes bright, allows us access to entertainment, keeps us warm, and does so much more. But like any other invention, it too comes with its own set of dangers.

You will be surprised to know that 31,000 home electrical fires occur every year, and out of these, nearly 180 cases involve electrical malfunctions that are avoidable. Thus, when you power your home with energy, know that home electrical safety is important too.

Most of the electrical hazards at homes are due to the lack of electrical safety knowledge. So, to ensure you have all the safe electricity usage know-how, we will walk you through the most crucial electrical safety tips that all homeowners must know.

Electrical Safety Tips for A Secure Home

Did you know even an electrical appliance as small as a toaster can start a fire at your home if it is faulty? Here is everything you must take care of to keep your house away from any such dangers:

1. Replace Any Electrical Equipment That Is Not in Proper Working Condition

Most of the short circuits occur due to faulty electronics. Therefore, before anything else, make sure that all the electrical appliances in your house are free of any malfunctions. It is the number one rule of electrical safety at home. 

Further, if your appliances are old, consider replacing them. Another thing that you must take care of is the wiring at your home. Along with the electronics, make sure that it is in place too. There should be no exposed or worn-out wires. If not looked after, old cables can lead to irrepressible fire disasters.

2. Never Overload Your Extension Cords


Most people assume that they can use almost anything with their extension cords. However, each kind of electrical appliances and tools have different power ratings, and they may not be compatible with all extension cords. Thus, if you use an electronic appliance with an improperly sized or a wrong capacity extension cord, you are putting yourself and the surrounding in danger. Doing so may even harm your gadgets. 

When shopping for a flat extension cord, make sure they are high-quality and have big enough wires. Further, you do not only have to look after the cords that are in use. You need to take care of the unused ones to prevent damage, as well. For this, make sure to store them safely and away from kids and pets. If possible, avoid wrapping the cords tightly around objects and do not place them on hot surfaces.

3. Always Unplug All Unused Electrical Appliances

It is one of the simplest and the most easily forgotten electrical safety rules. Make sure when you are not using an appliance, you unplug it. Doing so will keep your home away from any electrical accidents, prevent the machines from overheating, and reduce any phantom drain.

If you start following this single habit, you will not have to worry about any power surges that can damage your appliances. In case remembering to do this is too much for you, you are in luck! These days, you can readily find smart plugs to help you power schedules for each outlet at your home.

4. Your Electric Equipment Needs Air Circulation Too

If you want to prevent the possibility of an electrical fire hazard at your home, always make sure that all your appliances have proper air circulation. It will prevent them from overheating and thereby prevent any electrical-accident. Also, avoid placing any running equipment in a closed cabinet. 


For the best electrical safety measures, keep all your appliances away from your gas supply or any flammable object. You need to take care of the exhaust fan present inside any of your electrical appliances, as well. Ensure that these are not dirty or clogged to avoid overheating or any dangerous gas build-up that can cause a fire hazard.

5. Never Mix Water and Electricity

The fact that moisture and electricity do not go well together is not unknown. While pure water is an electrical insulator, the water sources available to us are not pure. The dissolved components in them consist of ions that can conduct electricity through them. Therefore, never bring any of your electric appliances in contact with water.

Further, make sure your hands are dry and even free of sweat while using any of the plugged electrical appliances. It will keep you away from the danger of electrical shocks. Also, ensure that all the electrical devices at your home are away from plant pots, bathrooms, kitchen sinks, running water, and all other sources of water. The same goes for your extension cords too.

Final Thoughts


Electric maintenance and expertise are crucial if you want to keep your home away from any dangers. Fire hazards due to electrical accidents can put not only your house but also your family at risk. Fortunately, if you follow the above tips, you can prevent such accidents easily. While you do all this, make sure to keep your toddlers and pets away from any electronic equipment. They are curious by nature and, while exploring their surroundings, may get themselves into trouble. Use tamper-resistant safety caps and tidy up all the loose cords to put them out of the reach of your little ones.

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