5 Tips for Updating Your Office Space in 2021

It is now time to upgrade your office space in 2021. Having a modern office space is a beautiful thing. Nowadays, the time for cubicles that makes workers feel like rats in a cage is no more. These cubicles have been replaced, such that the modern offices have expansive spaces, natural lighting materials, and vibrant colors.

The current office space gives you a profound effect on employees’ productivity, creativity, and happiness. However, with the spread of coronavirus, things are not the same again. There are recommended World Health Organization guidelines to be observed. People have to work at home. But while in the office, they should keep the recommended 6 feet distance by creating more office space. Therefore, you will be forced to transition your office.

If you want to update your office space in 2021, consider these tips:

1. Furniture

When updating an office, choose comfy and space-saving furniture. You should invest in collapsible and easily movable furniture. Besides, when you arrange desks strategically, it helps save space and boost team productivity.

Different desk placements will trigger different outlooks for your office. For example, you can consider paired island desks to encourage teamwork or bullpen office arrangement to boost accountability and productivity.

2. Focal Point

The focal point in your office helps you create a specific aesthetic in your new office design. It also helps to encourage teamwork and relationship building away from your desk. It can act as a monitor where employees can use to share their ideas and presentations easily.

You can consider putting appliances on the roundtable that will act as convergence points. It will encourage idea sharing and the development of informal relationships. The best thing is that you won’t compromise the space.

You can also check out office space rent for coworking spaces.

3. COVID-19 Safety Measures

It will be wonderful when everything goes back to normal next year. If things are to remain the same, you have to err on the side of caution and maintain a social distancing office space. However, even when things get back as wanted, you have to adapt quickly; maybe another coronavirus outbreak might emerge unexpectedly.

Under the current circumstances, no business wants to get itself into a long-term lease of the office. Therefore, next year will become a year of having a flexible agreement. Therefore, considering flexible agreements means you will temporarily occupy the space, having an option of scaling up. Or, you can opt to leave after relatively short notice.

Therefore, when choosing to update your office, the lease terms’ flexibility should be a significant factor to consider.

4. Walls

There is a debate on whether having walls in the workplace is better. However, that depends on your preference. Depending on your space size, you can choose to put walls or not. If you find them cramping the space, don’t use the walls. You can opt to have an open environment.

However, the best moment of removing walls in your office is during refurbishing. That’s when you can opt to replace your walls using less material such that you won’t compromise privacy. For example, you can use Japanese screen panels. Besides, they have optional colors, and you can use to compliment your brand.

Replacing walls in the office makes the space feel expensive. If you paint the walls using brighter colors such as yellow, blue, or orange, it makes the office look large. Also, it invites more employees.

5. Space Layout

Many companies will not have a huge amount to purchase more prominent offices, having vast space. But that doesn’t mean if you have such a small office, it should suffer. The problem with smaller office space is privacy. On the other hand, having a large office, a close-knit team will struggle.

When designing the office space, regardless of size, ensure design mirrors the structure. Assuming your employees work in a collaborative team, you need to have an open plan design. That helps your employees to communicate at ease. If the manager wants to view the employees’ activities, putting other workers’ desk insight would be a significant position.

The Bottom Line

As you might have realized, the size of your office doesn’t matter. You can achieve the brilliant design. However, you have to pick the right office layout, furniture, glass, or color scheme that perfectly fits the structure. You can give your office a fascinating look. Such an office can encourage teamwork, productivity, and improve the working environment.

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