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5 Things to Know About Vaping

Know About Vaping

The popularity of vaping has been on a steady incline ever since the vaping trend caught on a couple of years ago. Celebrities have particularly played an instrumental role in popularizing this habit. Actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and musicians like Snoop Dogg have posed for photoshoots time without number sucking on their vape devices. 

But before you join in on the vaping craze, there are a few facts about vaping that you should acquaint yourself with. Read on for the top five things to know about vaping.

1. How It Works

One of the primary things to know about vaping is that no combustion takes place. That’s because the heating of the vape juice happens indirectly.

Essentially, vaping involves a special device (known as a vape device, vaporizer, or e-cig) and a special liquid (known as a vape juice, e-juice, or e-liquid). A vape device comprises various components, including a reservoir tank, heating chamber, and mouthpiece. 

The vape juice is administered into the tank. Once you turn the device on, the wick extending from the coils in the heating chamber to the tank heats the e-juice. The heating process produces vapor, which is drawn into the vaper’s mouth through suction force, before being inhaled.

2. The Modern Vaping Device Is Close To Two Decades Old

Inventor Joseph Robinson first conceived the concept of an electronic cigarette in 1927. At the time, Robinson wanted a device that could help people consume medical compounds without subjecting those compounds through combustion. Therefore, the device would eliminate the risks of burns. 

However, Robinson’s idea didn’t quite catch on. It was not until in 2003 that Chinese inventor Hon Lik came up with the modern e-cig

Unlike many inventors who came before him, Hon Lik was interested in a device that could help people consume herbal extracts without subjecting themselves to the toxins produced during combustion. Although Lik’s e-cig has since undergone tremendous upgrades, the original design has largely remained unchanged.

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3. The Vaping Industry Is Largely Unregulated

Although humans have been vaping seriously for close to two decades now, the vaping industry remains largely unregulated. That can be either good or bad news for prospective vapers. The apparent lack of proper regulation means that the industry is continually infiltrated with substandard e-liquids. 

But that shouldn’t dampen your spirits, as users can still buy lab-tested cheap vape juice from various stores. All you need to do is establish a vape store’s reputation before ordering your products from them. For instance, you might want to find out when the store was established. 

Although not the thumb rule, stores with relatively longer industry presence are likely to offer quality vape devices. It’s also wise to always ask for proof of legal compliance. As a user, you want to ensure you’re purchasing your vape accessories from a store that operates within the confines of the law.

4. Vaping Laws Change Worldwide

Another crucial fact to know about vaping is that vaping laws change depending on your state or country. Vaping is generally legal in North America and many countries within the European Union. The contrary appears to be the case in many Asian countries. 

In some countries, particularly in Africa and South America, vaping rules are a bit fuzzy. If you’re a seasoned vaper who travels a lot, it’s prudent to find out what the vaping laws are in your destinations of interest. 

And while you’re at it, try to understand what’s banned and what’s not. Certain countries impose a total ban on e-cigs and all their accessories. In other countries, the ban mostly depends on e-juice ingredients.

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5. The Industry Is Still Evolving

Although vaping has become more of a lifestyle, the concept is still evolving. That means the industry is still susceptible to myths and misconceptions about the benefits of vaping, its legal status, perceived side effects, etc. 

Since the industry is still young and growing, you should be wary of taking every information at face value. Many manufacturers and traders of vape accessories will always pitch their products as the real deal. Similarly, you’ll encounter numerous publications that attempt to portray vaping in a certain light. 

It’s advisable to compare notes before believing anything you read or hear. While researching vaping, insist on peer-reviewed publications or findings from accredited medical institutions. And before consuming any vaping products, always examine the ingredients that the product contains to ascertain their safety.

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Vaping has gained considerable popularity over the years. And based on recent projections, the industry is headed for better times ahead. But if you must join the vaping bandwagon, remember to take it slow. Most importantly, ensure that you only vape products that have been certified as safe for consumption.  

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