5 Techy Gadgets You Need When Working Remote

The number of people working from home continues to rise, and there’s no telling when that trend will stop. A lot of good comes from working at home, but there are a few issues to consider. The five following gadgets can help with that.

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are a smart choice. A high-quality pair can do a lot for you. You can answer phone calls with these, or you can listen to music. Getting a high-quality pair will ensure the sound is good, but the most important factor to keep in mind is that it’ll help drown out any noise.

You are working from home now, and you’re probably starting to see how disturbing sound can be. Neighbors, noisy highways, even noise within your home can make it hard to work to the best of your abilities. All you need is good noise-canceling headphones to regain the peace you need to work.

2. Smartphone Booster

One thing workers at home start to notice is that their cellphones are not as reliable as they would like. Sure, you can still do web searches and access your email, but your phone calls aren’t great. Bad reception can disturb a business call. You don’t want to risk your call dropping every time a call comes in or you call someone.

These problems happen because there’s interference between your smartphone and the satellites. The good thing is you can invest in a good cell phone signal booster. These devices help identify and strengthen cellphone signals so that interference, like your home’s building material, no longer bothers you.

3. Ultra-Wide Screen Monitor

Depending on what you do, you might benefit from an ultra-wide monitor screen. If you opt for a screen like this, you don’t have to worry about moving your screen left to right with your mouse to see everything that is happening.

This is especially important for folks who do tasks like editing on their computers. Online video calls should be a lot easier using a screen like this one. You should also be able to collaborate with colleagues with more ease, especially if you have to share screens with your collaborators. Be sure to look for a resolution that’s good enough for you; usually, anything above 1440p fits most people’s needs.

4. A Smart Water Bottle

You might be surprised by how many people are dehydrated. You might think this can only happen outside the house, but it can still happen at home. All the work you do can distract you and make it hard to remember to drink water.

If you aren’t drinking enough water, you may get tired quickly. You may rest more than normal. You can have trouble digesting food, and it could end up compromising your immune system. A smart water bottle will be there to help monitor how much water you are drinking each day. It’ll use your phone to remind you to drink a little more to stay healthy.

5. Purifying Machine

You are going to be at home most of the time, and that means the air you breathe matters. Clean air makes you feel more energetic and helps you have a full, productive day. The problem is air pollutants are always in the air, and they get worse if you don’t address them. You should keep some plants in your work area to liven up the spot and clean indoor air. You could buy something like a bamboo palm or dragon tree from your local plant shop.

You should also add an air purifier. There are many good air purifiers out there you can use. Don’t go for the cheapest air purifier if you want optimal results. Check on reviews, the warranty, and make sure it removes at least 99 percent of airborne dust or other air pollutants. Be sure to find out how loud the air purifier is. You don’t want your purifier to create distracting noise pollution.

Now that you know a few gadgets that’ll make working at home easier, you can finally start to control your workspace. You don’t have to get them all at once; just start where you can.

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