5 reasons why you must visit Hunter Valley

The Australian tourism scene always has something new, fresh and exciting to offer, for any would-be traveler. At any time of the year, you can throw a dart at Australia, travel there, and have the time of your life. When people say Australia, the first association is wilderness, outback, excitement and adventure. Besides that, you can also find luxury, peace, relaxation and exquisite vines. Hunter Valley encompasses all of Australia’s characteristics. Nestled near Sydney, the sooner you check it out, the sooner you can book your stay there again!

1. Gourmet heaven

Coming to Hunter Valley is the call of your stomach which you’ve been waiting your entire life to satisfy. Any gourmet traveler from around the world can come and find something to delight its taste buds in Hunter Valley. Free-range cattle and poultry are all around you, grazing on beautiful green grass. Couple that with fresh home-made cheese, paired with mouth-watering grapes which grow next to you, and you will see why the recipe for success is ever present here. 

Wines are a different category altogether, and we will cover them in a second, but if you are heading to Australia, you must not miss the Hunter Valley menu. Home-made meals served from family-owned restaurants, and even deserts for the sweet tooths will make you crave more. And Hunter Valley delights will be up to the task.

2. Wine valley

Hunter Valley and wines go together like wines and cheese. Or wine and meat. You’ve guessed it by now, but we like the wines available here as they are some of the best Australia has to offer. And even more, Hunter Valley wines are known worldwide for their quality and unique taste. After you’ve taken a short two-hour ride from Syndey to Hunter Valley, you can take a break from a road trip and indulge your taste buds. 

Walking thru a vineyard with a guided tour, while grapes ripen and flowers are booming will make you fall in love with this little Australian haven. Sitting on a cliff and having a picnic while gazing at the hills covered with vineyards which will soon produce some of the best wines in the world, makes your soul fall in love and filled with romance. wine, food and love are all in the air and your tummy when you are in Hunter Valley.

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3. Scenic countryside vistas

We’ve mentioned the natural beauty of Hunter Valley, it’s worth noting that it deserves a spot of its own in this text and your photo album. Barrington Tops, Wollemi, Yengo, and other natural parks and sights wait to greet you with open arms. You can pick any method you wish to sightsee. Hike, camp, bike, car, canoe, horseback, hot air balloon, boat or 4×4, whatever it is that tickles your fancy, you can find it here and start exploring. 

When you wish to rest and find the ideal pit stops to recharge your batteries, you can find perfect accommodations and book them via Unwind Hunter Valley, where you can take a quick breather between adventures. All the wonders around you are best enjoyed at a slower pace so you can appreciate Mother Nature. Hunter Vally varies multiple visits, and its friendly people will make any accommodation pleasant and worthwhile. The great outback Australian spirit of adventure is present in the air, and when you first breathe it in with full lungs, you will never stop moving.

4. Cultural walks

You’ve filled your body with supreme food and succulent wines. Your body is brimming from all that exercise while you were exploring the natural beauties of Hunter Vally. What’s left is food for the soul, and that’s culture. Little villages dot the landscape, like Wollombi, Kurri Kurri, Finchley and many more, are all packed with Australian culture. From indigenous Aboriginal to the colonisation period and onwards, you will find and uncover the knowledge that will fascinate you. 

Each is best experienced with a tour guide, but you are welcome to wander. Wollombi offers a historical walk thru the village which will highlight all the important, and key aspects of its rich history. The Kurri Kurri experience is littered with more than 50 displays of unique artwork, present throughout the year for you to fill your album. Last but not least the Finchley walk represents a unique chance to experience and learn all you wish about the aboriginal culture. These are cherry-picked recommendations from us, but they represent a fraction of what Hunter Valley can offer.

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5.  Above Hunter Valley

Up, up and away, adventure in Hunter Valley awaits you in the clouds! You can take the slow and steady hot air balloon ride or zoom around in a helicopter. Whatever it is that gets your adrenaline going, Hunter Valley can provide it. Seeing the entire valley in the palm of your hand, and planning your next step while surfing amongst the clouds, is a once in a lifetime experience. What you will see, the entirety of Hunters Valley at once, is not something we can describe but is best to be experienced firsthand.

While Hunter Valley is not going anywhere, you should start packing for it. From food and wine to nature and history, there is something for everyone inside the valley. The sooner you hit the road and start exploring, the better!

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