5 Reasons SEO Is Great for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are always looking for an edge. They have a deep passion and very much want to put their business ideas to the test. They desperately want to reach the marketplace and find success with customers. Unfortunately, the idea of entrepreneurialism is out of reach for many. The promise of the Internet was that anyone could start and grow a business with very few resources.

SEO is an excellent product for ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking for rapid business expansion. Here are 5 reasons you need to consider SEO for your business.

It is Still Early

Search engine optimization is not exactly a new field. Yet, it is still in its infancy in many ways. Insiders believe that since SEO has been around for over a decade it is mature. However, a large percentage of small business owners have not seriously engaged with SEO and don’t really understand what the practice is. This means there is room for motivated entrepreneurs.

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Many will jump into Google and run a few searches and become discouraged. However, each year there are more and more domains and stronger competition. We can’t roll back the hands of time. So now is the best time to jump into SEO.

Return On Investment is Good

Many have pointed out how the cost per lead associated with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising has been steadily rising over the last 5 years. Facebook exploded onto the online advertising scene and offered a much more economical path for marketers to reach their audience. Yet many still find these costs prohibitive.

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SEO is an excellent alternative to paid advertising for entrepreneurs on a tight budget. Many have reported explosive growth using SEO and claim the return on their marketing investment is very high. There are a few caveats, however. One of the biggest is that SEO is a “winner-take-all” proposition. Unlike PPC, where ads rotate until your budget is exhausted, there is only 1 website in position 1. The click-through rates drop rapidly as your website ranks lower and lower. Very few people click to page 2 or beyond.

Content Marketing is Fun

In the last few years, SEO has rapidly transformed into content marketing. What was once a technical exercise of website tuning, SEO is now much more focused on creating excellent content and marketing to audiences who are eager to consume this content.

Small business owners know their businesses very well and are ideally positioned to create deep, insightful and helpful content for search engine users. This process is, in fact, quite fun as it helps the entrepreneur sharpen their knowledge of their craft while sharing valuable information with the world.

You Can Do It Yourself

As described above, the entrepreneur themselves are uniquely qualified to create great content. With a small amount of training, they can execute all aspects of an SEO campaign themselves. This is particularly important for small-budget operations and micro start-ups.

Many businesses were launched from SEO marketing with literally no out-of-pocket expenses other than domain registration and hosting. As long as the entrepreneur is technically minded, they can easily launch a website, great-great content and attract amazing backlinks all themselves.

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It is the Great Equalizer

The promise of the Internet was that marketplaces previously closed to a few privileged companies with large budgets would be open to any willing to compete. Google’s search engine and the discipline of SEO are the manifestations of this great hope. Over the last decade, thousands of small businesses have been launched from SEO. This was simply not possible 15 years ago.


Entrepreneurs are always looking for an edge. They are passionate and driven – eager to bring their ideas to the masses and create commercial success. For the 5 reasons outlined above, SEO is an ideal marketing strategy for any new business looking to capitalize on the latest digital marketing strategies available to create large commercial success.

| About the Guest Author: Adam Stetzer 

Adam Stetzer holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and has published on the topics of Internet Marketing, Absenteeism, Employee and Customer Satisfaction, Productivity and Safety. He has founded several technology firms and is currently CEO at HubShout, a white label SEO reseller firm. In his 25 year career, he has worked with companies such as General Electric, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Verizon, AT&T, Ford, LendingTree, American Express and Chevron Texaco.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/adamstetzer/

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